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Final Fantasy 7 remake Fanfiction: Luna Havillande x Cloud Strife by Vanitaswife20
Final Fantasy 7 remake Vanitaswife🌙✨
As the story of Final Fantasy 7 Remake progresses, Luna Havillande emerges as an outstanding fighter and ally. She stands out with her striking blue hair and brown eyes...
Daggers and Flowers by ErinKtheWriter
Daggers and Flowersby Erin the Fandom Writer
Six months after DeepGround, a disturbance is reported in the Northern Cave Crater. A young woman with no memory but her name wakes in the cave systems. After being brou...
Savior by rubydog93
Saviorby Ruby
Formerly titled; The Quest of Truth and life Two sisters get thrown into their favorite video game and have to travel with the heroes to save the world, rewrite the cour...
Pain by valkyrie2391
Painby Ya boi, the Turks
It's 1998. Tseng laid in his hospital bed, having been attacked by Sephiroth last year. He laid, completely comatose, leaving his Turks to worry themselves sick. Would h...