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maribat oneshots by m3owwww
maribat oneshotsby phi :)
a collection of theories, prompts, shorts, and oneshots, with our favorite character and her interactions with various bats (and others!) everything is free for you to c...
Maribat One-Shots by justnxncy
Maribat One-Shotsby Nancy
A bunch of Maribat One-Shots! If you are reading this on any other platform than Wattpad, it is stolen and it does not have my permission to be there. Contact me if you...
Have A Coffee (Timari Soulmate Au) by miraculousmelodies
Have A Coffee (Timari Soulmate Au)by The_Maribat_Fan
In a world where soulmates exist, you recieve your marks at the age 16. Their first words Marinette has a wonderful life, loving parents, amazing friends, the only probl...
Soulmate For Hire by weirdowithnobeardo
Soulmate For Hireby Lemon
Timothy Drake-Wayne didn't have a soulmate. He wanted one. Marinette Dupain-Cheng didn't have a soulmate. She didn't want one. One wedding. Two strangers. Three brothers...
Wasn't Meant For You But For Him by AnjuSchiffer
Wasn't Meant For You But For Himby ANJU
It was supposed to be her Grand Day, where MDC was to be known as Marinette Dupain-Cheng, or rather Marinette Agreste... only fate had other plans for Marinette and the...
Muted By Love ✓ by Wendol123
Muted By Love ✓by Wendy
After fleeing Paris, leaving her only friend but gladly, all of her enemies, she moves to Gotham and stays with a close family relative. She then goes to Gotham academy...
Timari by whyamIlikethis200
Timariby Theresa
this is a bat family and miraculous ladybug crossover. the two coffee addicts fall in love. what could go wrong when neither one knows what sleep is. Disclaimer I don't...
Maribat Oneshots by dreamcatcher_38
Maribat Oneshotsby dreamcatcher
I will take requests but until I get some I will do them by myself (I own nothing but the plot. The photos aren't mine)
Maribat Oneshots by Readsforescapism
Maribat Oneshotsby Readsforescapism
I write random oneshots and this is one for Maribat. It will have ships, probably some adopted stories too.
MARIBAT Incorrect Quotes, Ideas, Headcanons and A Pinch Of Crack-ships/ideas by kEtchUPqUeEn_boiii
MARIBAT Incorrect Quotes, Ideas, H...by kEtchUPqUeEn_boiii
Just a bunch of random maribat sh*t. sorry in advance 😅 WARNINGS: Cursing, suggestive language, mentions of harassment and abuse Also, if you find something you find t...
MariBat Incorrect Quotes by miraculousmelodies
MariBat Incorrect Quotesby The_Maribat_Fan
Just some random Maribat incorrect quotes, I posted on my Tumblr. Enjoy!!!
The Eldest Al-Ghul Wayne by Icerosecrystal
The Eldest Al-Ghul Wayneby Crystal
Disclaimer: The artwork on the cover belongs to https://jinx-jade.tumblr.com/ and @charme-de-malchan and the characters belong to Zagtoon, Thomas Astruc, and DC. Marinet...
MIRACULOUS ONE-SHOTS (✓) by awhxplutox
Miraculous Ladybug One-shots Disclaimer: all characters belong to zag studios, dc, marvel, rick riordan, ect. Skip chapters you don't like them, don't leave hate please...
Maribat Incorrect Quotes  *ON HOLD* by ramos67890
Maribat Incorrect Quotes *ON HOLD*by ramos67890
These are some Maribat incorrect quotes Character belong to Zag studios and DC
Maribat Short Stories *ON HOLD* by ramos67890
Maribat Short Stories *ON HOLD*by ramos67890
These will be one-shots of whatever maribat ship anyone wants. Characters don't belong to me full copyrights to Zag Studios and DC. Art and pictures do not belong to me
miraculous crossover oneshots by chat_noir_17
miraculous crossover oneshotsby chat_noir_17
class salt, daminette, pertnette, and more. I'll take requests, but no smut/sin. Love ya daggers!
{Maribat: 2k20} Prompt Works ✅ by Miraculous_786
{Maribat: 2k20} Prompt Works ✅by Miraculous_786
The people of Tumblr have created a chart of prompts for every month 2020, with a different Maribat ship for each. This is a collection of any prompts I fill out!
Maribat Fluff Week by eat0crow
Maribat Fluff Weekby eat0crow
Works written for the prompts featured on the Maribat Fluff Week tumblr.
MGI Civil War Prompts by Coolkid_Mcgee
MGI Civil War Promptsby Nettles Bettles
Maribat? Get in! Discord server Civil War prompts for each day cuz I didn't write them before and I'm writing them right now.
Toxic by iimxrichxtii
Toxicby iimxrichxtii
Just read the book to find out.