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Eric's Story (Eric/OC) (ON HOLD) by Girl_On_Fire6585
Eric's Story (Eric/OC) (ON HOLD)by Rachel
Eric is known as a cruel heartless leader, everyone fears. What will happen when the one person who knew the old Eric the best transfers to Dauntless? How will Eric rea...
Choices. by abbywebb370
#2 Abby Webb
Elena leaves Abnegation and chooses Dauntless now she has caught the eye of a certain Dauntless leader. What will become of the two? ... The respectful rights go the the...
2nd Shot: A Divergent FanFiction by xxxwriter2911
2nd Shot: A Divergent FanFictionby xxxwriter2911
I do not own these characters. All rights belong to Veronica Roth. What happens if Tris survived being shot, and what if Four and Tris both think the other is dead? And...
Stay by imbusyy
Stayby imbusyy
Is change a good thing? Can change be a good thing? Tris Prior is a beautiful, smart, hard working 21-year-old still in college and working at the one place you wouldn...
Worlds Collide *Under Editing* by Ilovetoread534
Worlds Collide *Under Editing*by Ilovetoread534
The characters from three books are all transported into our world. With the help of a girl named Myra, they try to get back. Will they be stuck there forever? Will they...
Life of a Divergent by L_the_divergent
Life of a Divergentby L_the_divergent
The Rebels are an undercover organization trying to prevent Erudite from destroying their city. They send a young Dauntless Divergent, Leah, into Erudite to help them wi...
Dauntless Born by hx7680
Dauntless Bornby divergent
Have you ever wondered what would happen if Tris was born dauntless instead of abnegation? Tris Pedrad, a dauntless born. Brown hair, tan skin, and cloudy grey eyes. Sh...
The Other Prior: Candice Prior || Divergent Fanfiction by TheWriter512
The Other Prior: Candice Prior || TheWriter512
------------------------------------------------------ Divergent Fan-fiction ------------------------------------------------------ 16-year old Candice Prior has to make...