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One Choice Will Change You II Divergent AU by FourTrisAndASOUE
One Choice Will Change You II Ro Baudelaire Everdeen Prior...
Tobias Eaton has a sister? In this story, Rosalie-Rose for short-, is Four's younger sister. . Read on to see her life as she escapes Marcus, and everything else holding...
Dying Flames by Slushie260
Dying Flamesby Slushie260
*Rewrite* Tris- A broken servant girl who continues to be auctioned from person to person. With no individuality or freedom, she is devoted to a life with abusive maste...
Starting Over by BringTheButterKnife
Starting Overby BringTheButterKnife
Two years after Allegiant Tris comes back to the factions. Nobody knows who she really is, even Tobias. She's not sure she's ready to tell anyone that she faked her deat...
Tris and Four by fourtrisobsessed
Tris and Fourby Fourtris babies
Tris has been in Dauntless for 3 years now and there is no war. There's no Al, but the rest are there. So I hope you like this
Famous Friends by myyuri_76
Famous Friendsby Mayuri Krithika
I know I already have a divergent high fanfic but I would like to give this idea I have had in mind a try. Pls read and tell me how it is, alright? P.S. This story plot...
Divergent- Famous by lildip1
Divergent- Famousby lildip1
Modern Day A/U- Big time Pop-star Four has decided he wants to get back to his roots and what better way of doing so then going to High School. Tris and all her friends...
Divergent: No War by Divergent_Disney
Divergent: No Warby Divergent_Disney
Assume that the injection was actually a tracking device and there was no war. Tris will be training initiates with Tobias. The story will be better than the summary. th...
Divergent Boarding School by LydiaAndLeaCollins
Divergent Boarding Schoolby Lydia & Lea Collins
Tris, daughter of world famous Natalie and Andrew Prior, gets send away to boarding school. But how will it go with a three year old daughter? Will Tris be able to keep...
Divergent High by fourtrisobsessed
Divergent Highby Fourtris babies
This a story of Tris and Four in high school. Tris is the quite girl and Tobias is the popular guy that every girl wants to have. When Tris and Four gets partnered for a...
Dauntless Born  by katie9454g
Dauntless Born by Grace Kellerman
What if Tris was a Pedrad and the twin sister of Uriah What would happen what would be different This is a divergent fanfiction no war
Dauntless Jealousy by PiscesS101
Dauntless Jealousyby PiscesS101
This is a divergent fanfiction where there is no war and Four and Tris are training initiates. It also takes place one year after Tris's initiation. I know this idea is...
Divergent Romeo by tiff_any
Divergent Romeoby tiff_any
The Prior and Eaton Kingdoms have been at war since the start of time. To ensure safety for his people and his family, King Andrew has decided that his daughter be marri...
A Fourtris Story by Ships_are_sailing
A Fourtris Storyby Val 💓
Tris and Tobias were best friends in middle school. Now they are freshmens in high school and tend to find different feelings for each other. But then after a fight bet...
Fourtris Now and Forever: Divergent No War by jlynneb17
Fourtris Now and Forever: jlynneb17
Tris and Tobias [Four] push the boundaries of their relationship as it grows in a spin-off of Divergent where the Erudite never created the injection and didn't plot aga...
You Look Good by Divergentwizards_
You Look Goodby Lynds :)
Divergent fanfiction where Tris has slept with Four on the night he told her that she looks good. She then finds out she's pregnant... in the middle of training. Not al...
Unwelcome: Divergent by Emberlyn07
Unwelcome: Divergentby Emberlyn Sky
Hey guys, This is a Divergent Fanfiction! Its takes place when Tris is 16 a few weeks before the choosing ceremony! Andrew ( Tris's father) is abusive and killed her mot...
Divergent University by myyuri_76
Divergent Universityby Mayuri Krithika
Tris and Tobias have completed high school and now are going off to different colleges. But they are still together. But Tris meets one of Tobias's old friends from elem...
Divergent Hollywood by Lauren_is_Divergent
Divergent Hollywoodby Lauren
It's me again! With another divergent fanfic!(Movies and other actors are all made up for the most part) I AM EDITING RIGHT NOW Tris Prior was by far the most famous act...
The Hero's Call///Fourtris AU by magical_mischiefs
The Hero's Call///Fourtris AUby magical_mischiefs
"Ah, perfect timing! Sweetheart, I would like you to meet Private Four Eaton." I turn around and see a bright pair of familiar blue eyes. It's him.
The Model at Divergent High by divergent6410
The Model at Divergent Highby divergent6410
After Tris parents die she is moves into Chicago into a house with her older brother Caleb. She has a blossoming career in modeling for magazines and stores. She doesn'...