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Sorry daddy by XxAhana22184xX
Sorry daddyby morningglorystreambts
Jungkook confronts his step son about his playing.
black lace // taekook by kookonthehook
black lace // taekookby kookonthehook
in which taehyung stumbles upon an old friend. - - - - "taehyung is that you..." - - -taehyung loves lace and has a colection of lace underwear the story con...
solidify by curryoongi
solidifyby riri
-to make or become hard or solid. ;; wherein a lad named taehyung had a strange job requiring him to pose in a museum for hours and hours. art critic!jk statue!taehyung
serial killer by lovelyyunkii
serial killerby Yunki
Taehyung is a innocent very very innocent that works in a coffee shop but then he was going home until he bump into someone... JEON JUNGKOOK the biggest mafia in the wor...
Kim Taehyung was an actor who's biggest sicret was almost revealed by the most dangerous mafia, Jeon Jungkook. What would happened in a simple accedent make them both fa...
Tipsy Secrets by Tae_needs_a_kookie
Tipsy Secretsby Tae_needs_a_kookie
From going to a happy and cheerfully loved high school boy by many to a broken, bullied, and hated boy. He ran into someone unexpected but once he figured out who he was...
 Every Where Is Trouble.. by AyStray
Every Where Is TaeKookie4ever~
I JUST WANT HIM-JJK Ships/ Taekook Yoonmin Namjin Jhope is by himself probably Top JJK Bottom KTH
ignore jjk。kth by Mlynkyy
ignore jjk。kthby Mlynkyy
"You act so innocent, but you noticed too, didn't you? He wants you just like I do." top jjk x bottom kth
| vtrans | Please, Please - kv by -buddyy
| vtrans | Please, Please - kvby Buddy
Waring : Smut boyxboy daddy kink baby boy Punishments Crossdressing Cân nhắc trước khi đọc Author : @TOEASYTOUSEYOU
Beauté secrète {Kth•Jjk} by TaestyJibooty
Beauté secrète {Kth•Jjk}by 💎Amaryllis💎
One day the innocent Bootaefulliar (Taehyung) gets a pm request from a stranger named Mr.Stealyobabyboi (Jungkook) on tumblr. Find out how sweet little taetae reacts. *[...
Where my money [ vkook taekook ] ZAKOŃCZONE by stonkapolonka
Where my money [ vkook taekook ] zjadlabymvegekebaba
Gdzie Jungkook ma za dużo pieniędzy i nie wie, co z nimi zrobić, a Taehyung ich nie ma, ale doskonale wie na co można je przeznaczyć. A w między czasie w tej całej specy...
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The Beach Trip by XxAhana22184xX
The Beach Tripby morningglorystreambts
Taehyung is finally at his last year of high school. The school has decided to take the students for a beach trip. Being a senior, Taehyung has finally decided to confes...
My Useles Wife by helloarmyot7
My Useles Wifeby helloarmyot7
"Will I always be his Usless wife...?" In which Jimin was Forced marriage to CEO Jeon Jungkook. Will Jimin always remain his •Useless Wife•? Jikook Fanfic. St...
[✓] Mr. Jeon & Mr. Kim by Lancae
[✓] Mr. Jeon & Mr. Kimby lance
Jeon Jeongguk is renowned in the organization he works for as the most skilled hitman. Tasked to protect authority figures, he is proficient in eliminating any threats b...