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Total drama world tour Noah x reader by Jaz5834
Total drama world tour Noah x Jay
Don't Own Total Drama World Tour
Total Drama X Reader by ConclusionCriticize
Total Drama X Readerby Forest System
Total Drama X Reader Oneshots because I'm bored :D! Also if I don't update for awhile it's either because I have NO ideas, working on my mental health, or literally in a...
Scary Girl X Male Reader by RealMemey
Scary Girl X Male Readerby Memey
You're a normal everyday guy who signed up to be apart of the reboot of the hit show Total Drama Island to win a million dollars! But the journey will be treacherous, an...
Total Drama 🫧Resort Messages🐠🫧 by kewpiebaby2000
Total Drama 🫧Resort Messages🐠🫧by kewpiebaby2000
🏝️The original cast from Total Drama Island are back and better than ever! Duncan, Bridgette, Ezekiel, Izzy, Gwen, Owen, Katie, Sadie, Heather, Lindsay, Justin, Courtn...
full circle by forduncney
full circleby 🏄🏽‍♀️
a duncney story ೀ "courtney and duncan meet again years later as single parents." credits to fictional_affliction
Total Drama Groupchat by courtnqys
Total Drama Groupchatby sam
What would happen if the cast from total drama island and world tour were in a group chat together? #13 in duncney #7 in total
Lights Out, Shut Out        Wayne x Reader by Vanhalla_Heaven_
Lights Out, Shut Out Vanhalla_Heaven_
"I've seen your streams!" "I've seen you play" He's giving... puppy boy vibes She's giving unapproachable. Maybe they will make a good connection
Awesome total drama chat fic!! by Gwensbiggestfan
Awesome total drama chat fic!!by Ash Ketchum
I haven't seen anyone do one of these in ages so LET'S DO THIS!! There is a bunch of non-canon ships in this so if you don't like them, just fuck off!! I'm trying to kee...
Total Drama : Groupchat  by Total_Drama_Fandoms
Total Drama : Groupchat by Total_Drama_Fandoms
Where the TDI,some of the ROTI, Sierra and Alejandro are in a groupchat. They are removed and added all throughout so if it doesn't start with a character you want by ne...
Total Drama Texts by glowworm888
Total Drama Textsby Glowworm
Texts between the Total Drama characters. Trigger warning at chapter 43
total drama group chat !! by sxphity
total drama group chat !!by ezra
taking requests/ideas!! tysm for reading! includes gens 1 and 2 as well as kitty and emma, and maybe other people if i feel like adding them (but not all in the same gro...
worst years of my life ➡️ td highschool  ✔️ by -geoffscowboyhat
worst years of my life ➡️ td tsumu’s gf (real)
in which the total drama cast goes to high school . :))
Mkulia oneshots!! by Gallonwghost
Mkulia oneshots!!by Gallon ghost ♡
Digital footprint is going to kick my ass in the future, but it's worth it (for now) It's explained on the title The cover is coming soon and this might get abandoned i...
Total Drama Male reader x Dawn by Saintmaster24
Total Drama Male reader x Dawnby Saintmaster24
You were always a big fan of Total Drama and have never missed an episode. After hearing about a contest to select someone for a new season you signed up and, surprising...
Aleheather Oneshots by jarfff
Aleheather Oneshotsby Aleheather's pet
Feeding your Aleheather heart
Total Drama(2023): Around The World!  by Elexa_Ruby
Total Drama(2023): Around The Elexa Reaper
Takes place after Season 1 of the Total Drama Reboot (2023) RATE: PG-13 (For topics revolving around mental health and abusive couples) A year ago, Chris McLean gathered...
One Way Or Another-Total Drama Mal x Y/N by masterqueen2000
One Way Or Another-Total Drama MasterQueen
REUPLOAD SINCE I DEACTIVATED LOL Welcome to Total Drama All Stars! Watch your back, it seems Mike has been acting different recently... and how will you be able to handl...
Total Drama Island by JessicaMarie_
Total Drama Islandby Jessica
Twenty-three teens, a gross camp, obnoxious host, a crazy Chef, and 100,000 dollars on the line. Alex can be labled as the Girly-Tough-Girl, going on the island to make...
Total Drama Memes by glowworm888
Total Drama Memesby Glowworm
You need these. You're welcome.
Miss Popular (total drama island) by AlissaBarrows
Miss Popular (total drama island)by Akaikawaii
♡☆♡Join the total drama island cast as they compete to own the big money but with one interesting new member of their cast☆♡☆ ( Total drama owned by fresh tv)