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Fragile Hearts❤️ by _Glittery_Hearts
Fragile Hearts❤️by ❤️
We have seen stories where the love of a partner heals the other in a relation, but what turn will destiny take when both of them are broken? Two broken souls bound toge...
Play Thing [Coraline+Insane!Reader] by ArrowMalay
Play Thing [Coraline+Insane!Reader]by ArrowMalay
"Is it okay to feel this stuff?" "I like you better like this so yeah." "It's not always about you." "But it has to do with me? Right...
Sky of Stars (Renesmee LS) by Cherrybomb9824
Sky of Stars (Renesmee LS)by Cherrybomb9824
"I think I'm falling in love with you"- Nessie "Is that a bad thing?"- Cerise "Yes" -Nessie "Why?"- Cerise "Because I'm not...
His life by itssKathii
His lifeby Kathi
Chris/Christopher has strict parents. They planned his whole life before he was even born. But he is not happy with this plans. What happens if he tells them his plans o...
My Punk Lover (Yamaguchi x reader) by infintemindgirl
My Punk Lover (Yamaguchi x reader)by infintemindgirl
cover fanart from @juu.ssi [] You and Tadashi were from the same school but guess what? you guys weren't friends back then. Just stran...
I Always Smile, But Is It Always Real?✅ by Thanmay2006
I Always Smile, But Is It Always TS
Completed story. Well right now I am actually editing somethings. Some major changes, but I can assure you that the main plot will remain same. So, don't be surprised i...
Teenage Life: With 7 Angels by CuteLife281
Teenage Life: With 7 Angelsby Crazy life
So this is a High school story type it includes tennage life, typical toxic parents or over protective parents, brothers stepbrothers and a lot of friendship and love. M...
The story of the Queen of Earth by Cherrybomb9824
The story of the Queen of Earthby Cherrybomb9824
You all know about the Kuran family. Haruka and Juri the devoted and loving parents, Kaname the protective big brother, and Yuki the innocent and naive younger sister. ...
Growing up by WOAHGIRLWOW
Growing upby WOAHGIRLWOW
Emotions, we all have them. Some may know how to deal with them and some may not. Tatum Smith does not know how to deal with them. Specifically when it comes to relation...
Kidnapping Of The Copycat by EyelessJay19
Kidnapping Of The Copycatby 1-300-I Have No Eyes
18 yr old Cassidy Castillo was never loved by his parents. He was always used as a decoy to protect his twin Finnick Castillo. On the way to school he gets kidnapped. Wh...
Your Best "American" Girl by Bunny_Boo_uwu
Your Best "American" Girlby The Ryushot goddess
"Your mother wouldn't approve of how my mother raised me."
Your Absenteeism by ariyaaaa_blackkkk
Your Absenteeismby Hi_It'sme
I don't know what this book is going to be about as of yet, but I am sure to show a relation between a toxic father and his daughter. The book starts with a letter from...
Late Nights by CWrights
Late Nightsby CWrights
You can't love somebody but not like them
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dont hide under the covers by imjustherefortheshow
dont hide under the coversby imjustherefortheshow
Braxton a female with Male pronouns trying to get through hight school with anxiety and only one person who loves her, her girlfriend vella
Kleine Dame im Spiegel by JosisFeder
Kleine Dame im Spiegelby JosisFeder
Jedes Kind hat Träume. Doch wie weit kann man Träumen, bevor man von der Realität geweckt wird? Für meine kleine Schwester ist ihr ganz besonderer Tag und obwohl ihre Au...
Beating at the Bars  by AllieRyan
Beating at the Bars by Allie Ryan
Just a little thing I wrote down while struggling with toxic parents.
My ugly thoughts  by katyswingle
My ugly thoughts by katyswingle
This is a safe place for anyone if you need to talk to someone I'm here but basically tis is just my thoughts btw this is personal but yeah basically I use to be suicida...
I hate loving you by ssunachi
I hate loving youby suna
If your heart could speak, what would it say to the person you never got to say a proper goodbye to? What would it say to the person you never expected to leave your lif...