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My True Happiness (DDLG Academy sequel) by KikoH2010
My True Happiness (DDLG Academy Kiko Herni
Xea has been gone for two years, Kyle, Vanessa, and Fray have graduated. Xea has become stable in her emotions again. She decides it's time to be with the people she lov...
Buffy + Angel by Jasdyer
Buffy + Angelby Jasmine Dyer
I'll tell you this right now. As much as I love Buffy being with Angel, I am team Spike. I love the bad boys but at the same time I think I would prefer to date Angel if...
𝙏𝙃𝙀 𝙒𝘼𝙔 𝙊𝙐𝙍 𝙀𝙔𝙀𝙎 𝙈𝙀𝙀𝙏. ᵗʳᵒˡˡˢ ⚐ by branchieandpoppy
❝ Would you promise me something? Please promise me you'll be happy. ❞ ❝ I told you, I will never be happy; ...
A Little Happiness by haneeaa
A Little Happinessby Original NUNU
Raixen has always been consumed by melancholy. He goes to work, returns home, and lay alone in his loneliness. What is true worth? What is love? And most importantly wha...
The True Happiness by VanytheHiddenGirl
The True Happinessby The Artemis Girl
"She was really happy with her life but it started to suck because of her family. So, she thought to never get married and becoming a family with someone. But when...
Traits by edwinadsouza
Traitsby Edwina D'Souza
Collection of poems-part 2
Short Story Collection by HoneyComb892
Short Story Collectionby Honey Comb
A short story collection. I hope you may like it! GOD BLESS readers!
ABUSED ")  by kakitojay
ABUSED ") by Kim
The story is about a girl who was thirsting on true love. She had abused by her family not revealing what was the reason behind it. She really missed her old lovely fami...
True Happiness by roxiebabygirl
True Happinessby roxiebabygirl
Imprezowa dziewczyna i alkoholiczka, poznaje kogoś, kto diametralnie zmienia Jej życie. Czy miłość potrafi przetrwać wszystkie przeciwności losu? A przede wszystkim, czy...
Bliss ✔ by Shalom900
Bliss ✔by Shalom900
The world isn't a great place, but there is a way to find bliss in the darkest of places.
What Your Heart Wants by sarazzz24
What Your Heart Wantsby sarazzz24
Want to get a life,then go check out my story.
All I Want [✔] by theecrazybaby
All I Want [✔]by theecrazybaby
I looked at him, with tears rolling down my cheeks, the water in my hair soaking the back of my shirt and said, "Now is really not the time to quote Lewis Capaldi b...
True Happiness by xXxWhatTheFudgexXx
True Happinessby Izuru
Lilian Smart was abused and tortured by her father, Samuel Smart. Lilian never had a day where she wouldn't go without crying. Lilian's beliefs are that if you can go 1...
Open eyes, Humbly Wise, Power to Change Lives by juliakristi22
Open eyes, Humbly Wise, Power to Julia Kristi
Times come where experience and life brings our consciousness and awareness to a point of overwhelming clarity. Some people will reach this point multiple times through...
Christ is YOUR Salvation by Radicalreader1
Christ is YOUR Salvationby #radicalreader1
Do you feel like something is missing in your life? Do you feel like you still need to figure out the puzzle of why you're are here on this world, of what is your purpos...
Only Fools FALL by louisxmulti
Only Fools FALLby louisxmulti
"Life isn't about finding yourself it's about creating yourself" ~ Troye Sivan "Who am I?" "What is hope?" About a girl finding herself in...
The Frozen Brave by sweetstyle21
The Frozen Braveby Minstrel Sweet Dela Cerna
The crossover begins with our very own princess Merida running away from her life and into her destiny: a flying stranger and his rider.
Search for true happiness ( One Shot) by blue_virgoangel
Search for true happiness ( One Noelle Elaine
Meet Maria Iris a girl who is confused to find true happiness in life . Will she find true happiness or ended up being disappointed ?
Drowning Seas by abeer5951
Drowning Seasby abeer5951
Madelyn is 18, her parents don't get along very well, she lives with her mother. Until one day her mother dies of brain tumour, she goes to live with her dad then. He s...
Rain and Happiness by Notaprettygirl07
Rain and Happinessby not_a_pretty_girl.07
A small poem on how I feel everytime it rains.