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Cry-Baby by braycriss
Cry-Babyby Criss
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
HIS ONLY(DekuBaku) by CarmelCrew
HIS ONLY(DekuBaku)by Just_Jasmine
(ART BELONGS TO RIGHTFUL CREATOR) I just want to leave, but he won't let me. I feel like I'm imprisoned in a never ending life of torture. Escaping won't do me no good h...
The Bad Boy Next Door (Complete) by Nationals_duhh
The Bad Boy Next Door (Complete)by Nationals_duhh
Ty is a normal teenager. She keeps to herself most of the time, unless she's playing baseball with the guys. Her life gets twisted when she has to move. New town, new...
12 Weeks, 12 Dates by bookbuddy
12 Weeks, 12 Datesby bookbuddy
Meet Piper Hollows. She doesn't like to go out if she has the choice not to. She has things to do and is perfectly fine being in her room on Saturday nights, with her hu...
Gorillaz oneshots!  by murdocsthong
Gorillaz oneshots! by Lewis
includes non binary reader! Also Russel, ace, murdoc, 2d, noodle, Paula, del the ghost, and jamie are in this <3
It's not you (Cuphead X Bendy) (w/ some drawings) [COMPLETED] by MjelikART
It's not you (Cuphead X Bendy) (w...by Bad Coffee
Cuphead and Mugman are still scarred from what they had done in the past two years. Every little detail still haunts them, The tears, Fainting voices, The coldness, The...
The Heart of an Alpha (Editing) by downlikesilver_
The Heart of an Alpha (Editing)by T R I N I T Y
Charlotte Peters hasn't always been uncomfortable and fearful of men, but after a harsh past, she can't help it! Being kicked out of her house and with no where to go, s...
Can't Call Me Idol [Jungkook Oneshot] by SSears90
Can't Call Me Idol [Jungkook Onesh...by SSears90
[Requested] A new idol starts making weird advances towards Jungkook at an award show. The new idol claims it's all a misunderstanding, but once the rest of the group fi...
The Years With You (Remastered) by BeyondReason47
The Years With You (Remastered)by BxyondRxason47
Father's Gift... is a girl? (A remastered version of the original The Years With You that was sadly lost sometime after the last update on the 20th of October 2017, due...
My Own Way by strength0629
My Own Wayby Chantal Fredette
*This is the spin-off to Runaway Bride. I recommend reading it before starting to read this one.* Locked in a small room with her mother since birth, Amanda quickly lea...
His Nerd by xxbaileysxx
His Nerdby xxbaileysxx
Lainey Knight is new at Mountain View High School, She just moved from Texas to Utah and she now has to fit in and make new friends. It's not exactly easy for Lainey to...
My First Love || JiKook (COMPLETED) by mingeuk13
My First Love || JiKook (COMPLETED)by 🐰❤️🐥
"Jimin?" Jungkook "Yeah?" Jimin Can I ask you something?" Jungkook "Am I... uh..." Jungkook "Yes?" Jimin "Am I your fir...
We Fight In Numbers [Degrassi FanFic] by ConverseLove
We Fight In Numbers [Degrassi FanF...by Kait
This is pretty much a sequel to my last story, Welcome to the Competition. So yes, this is a Degrassi FanFic. I am going to have this get deeper into the thoughts of Emi...
My First Love || TaeGi (COMPLETED) by mingeuk13
My First Love || TaeGi (COMPLETED)by 🐰❤️🐥
"Tae?" - Suga "Yeah?" - Tae "Can I ask you something?" - Suga "Am I... uh..." - Suga "Yes?" - Tae "Am I your first...
Anastasius x Claude︱WMMAP by Athana_Chiara
Anastasius x Claude︱WMMAPby αтнαηα
This is requested. It's just a one-shot... I haven't done smut before so just bare with me... (Unfinished since I'm uncomfortable writing it...)
IF I GET MORE PRETTY by inspherical_
IF I GET MORE PRETTYby spherical_
As the words flow from my lips, envision a world that embodies the transformative power of beauty. Picture a vibrant scene of a sunlit room, where a mirror hangs on a wa...
1 Kiss Too Many by karinadrive
1 Kiss Too Manyby karina drive
Life as a 15 year old girl wasn't how she imagined. Her creepy perverted uncle Cant keep his hands off of her, making her feel disgusting and sick in her stomach. She al...
Extra Credit+ (ON HOLD) by VanessaOwusuBooks12
Extra Credit+ (ON HOLD)by Vanessa A Owusu
A bad grade on a recent test left 13-year-old Gabriella Lovelacker hopeless and fearful of her dreams of passing algebra class burning to ashes. But, when she goes to s...
Customer Service by Pasmo2
Customer Serviceby Smo2
A poem about One experience I had working customer service. This is a sad reality that MANY, MANY women and girls have had to experience in every aspect of life.
poems Poesie by galamalla
poems Poesieby koernchen
Hier sammle ich einige selbstgeschriebene Gedichte. Gedanken, Poesie, einiges was durch meine Gedanken trampelt und kleine Samen sät, pflanze ich zufrieden hier ein. Bu...