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1438 | YiZhan by Endless_Infinity
1438 | YiZhanby Recovering
Even married people have arguments and fights. Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan is not an exemption. | A Short Story | Wonderful cover by @soymiiik ♡ [I don't own the characters...
Why Him? [ YiZhan FF ]✔ by Jxxxsuhh
Why Him? [ YiZhan FF ]✔by ɴᴇz
" Out of everyone you had to fall for him? " Eight years ago Yibo's heart broke because his crush had a crush on Zhan. Now again after Eight years, Yibo's hear...
Your President is a Stalker! [YiZhan Fanfic] Undergoing Editing  by Bishounenhow111
Your President is a Stalker! [YiZh...by nicho
Someone got a fanboy! NOT! Flawless student council president, Wang Yibo has a confession to make, he stalked his nemesis all of his life and this time Xiao Zhan caught...
OBSESSION ✓ by meiiiyaaa
OBSESSION ✓by mei (hiatus)
Book 2: Why He need to left Wang Yibo? STATUS: COMPLETED | unedited ENTRIES: Recap, Prologue, 26 chapters, Epilogue + special Chapter BOOK 1: NEIGHBORS STARTED : MAY 22...
You are the antidote to all of my pains [boyxboy]✔️ by draqlasdaughter
You are the antidote to all of my...by draculasdaughter
Summary: Wang Yibo, a multitalented artist , was hired for a party organized by a big Company from the medical industry. An unexpected extra challenge was to seduce the...
You Can STAY |H.HJ| by skzpaymechildsupport
You Can STAY |H.HJ|by Aura🍀❣️
"I want to kiss you so bad" "Do it then" "What?" "Kiss me" They're both flawed, but together they mend each other. Together, the...
Falling inlove with You by WangYibo860
Falling inlove with Youby WangYibo860
LOVE IS UNEXPECTED. Wang Yibo is a City boy who went to their province as his punishment. A man who hated province. he hate going there because of the people who lives t...
10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Fall in Love with Wang Yibo by Endless_Infinity
10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Fall...by Recovering
Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo's ex, makes a list to why people shouldn't love his ex-boyfriend. | A Short Story | [I don't own the characters! This is purely fiction and I don't...
Chasing You (YIZHAN-mpreg) by WangYibo860
Chasing You (YIZHAN-mpreg)by WangYibo860
This story is about a boy who fell in love with his father's best friend that 15 years older than him. Hi guys this is my new story. Another Yizhan story again as usual...
When I Met You (YiZhan FF) by yizhanbaek
When I Met You (YiZhan FF)by Sean
All about YIZHAN. On how they meet each other until they become as one.
message request | c.sy by younreumie
message request | c.syby 𝐛
in which; a snarky fansite master of lee jinhyuk falls in love with the talented loud dork from the survival show, "produce x 101". ❝𝘨𝘪𝘷𝘦 𝘮𝘦 𝘣𝘢𝘤𝘬 𝘮�...
10 Reasons Why You Should Fall in Love with Xiao Zhan by Endless_Infinity
10 Reasons Why You Should Fall in...by Recovering
The man that broke Xiao Zhan and the only man he ever loved, Wang Yibo, makes a list to why people should fall in love with his most precious person. BEFORE READING THIS...
Give In To You (YiZhan)  by httpwangji
Give In To You (YiZhan) by httpwangji
Wang Yibo has been pinning for the same person since a long time ago. He has a big fattest crush on someone who's handsome, friendly and most importantly a popular bask...
I'm selling my first kiss on eBay![boyxboy] by draqlasdaughter
I'm selling my first kiss on eBay...by draculasdaughter
Summary: The French teacher from Xiao Zhan's school is organizing a trip to Paris, but his family can't afford to give him the necessary money. He would badly want to go...
Whipped (YIZHAN) COMPLETED by httpwangji
Whipped (YIZHAN) COMPLETEDby httpwangji
Wang Yibo was planning to retire from the entertainment industry and upon from processing his valedictory album, his company collaborated with the most popular author an...
My 'Straight' Roommate (YiZhan/ZhanYi) [on hold]  by kellaswan
My 'Straight' Roommate (YiZhan/Zha...by kay
a not-so-short yizhan ff edited: oh scratch that, this story is quite long notes: its more to housemate actually but roommate sounds cuter so... ;)
Oh My Brother!♥️ by pancakeSmoothie
Oh My Brother!♥️by 🍓PancakeSmoothie🌸
Xiao Zhan x Wang Yibo ( if you don't like these kinds of ships then I don't recommend reading it) Wang Yibo falls in love with his best friend's brother... Will the brot...
Kpop Reactions & Imagines by Indigos_Journal
Kpop Reactions & Imaginesby Indigo's Journal
‼️DISCONTINUED‼️ Reactions about the idols we love! *I do not do smut, but I can do suggestive ones!* *I do not write about idols in relationships, if they are dating/m...
"I♥U", it's not a lie! [boyxboy]✔️ by draqlasdaughter
"I♥U", it's not a lie! [boyxboy]✔️by draculasdaughter
Summary: Wang Yibo was known as a big, big liar. He was lying maybe because of his rich imagination, maybe because of life circumstances forcing him to lie, maybe...mayb...
That RED Supreme Underwear (YiZhan Fanfic) by Bishounenhow111
That RED Supreme Underwear (YiZhan...by nicho
Calling the baddest boy in school "Thief" has never been written on that list of things he'll do this year but all the clues he found aligned to that guy, so X...