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Unwanted by aryaalpha
Unwantedby arya
In the world of werewolves,"mate" is considered to be your otherhalf who completes your soul BUT what If for your mate you mean nothing BUT "UNWANTED&quo...
Look At Me(Original Song)(OC)(Drapple)(Spuffy)(Rulie) by Shipperandfanficer15
Look At Me(Original Song)(OC)(Drap...by Shipperandfanficer15
A song I wrote that can also be read as a poem, about longing for your crush to look at you the way you look at them. The melody and the way it's supposed to be sung is...
Personal Feelings <3 by shotosmiddlefinger
Personal Feelings <3by shotosmiddlefinger
Take it as my personal journal. If you relate to this I'm sorry. Please don't be too brutal, this is my first ever time posting my personality feelings.
Ramblings of love? Of life? by BeyondmyEyelids
Ramblings of love? Of life?by BeyondmyEyelids
Thoughts from me that I need to get out of my head. Written in a sort of poetic story telling style, mainly just how it all comes to me. Not spell checked just written f...
If Only [English] by NyxRina
If Only [English]by Lily of the Night
To love... is the most wonderful thing that I can feel towards someone. But... It's entirely a different thing when that feeling... is aimed at someone I shouldn't have...
The Gayette by ImaLukette
The Gayetteby ImaLukette
Tina was a 15 year-old girl, who lived a secret life. A secret to all. She embarked on a mission to find what she was, which she learned and decided to call a 'Gayette'.
You. by Amore505
You.by Amore505
An Anthology which provides a personal insight into adventures of the heart.
Past Loves by thatspacelava
Past Lovesby spacelava
Originally titled: Past Loves & Other Terrible Occurrences. I'm not exactly a poet, but I do like writing lyrics for songs no one will sing or listen to. So, without fu...
ALL ABOUT HIM ( SHS SERIES #01 ) by majesticmille
ALL ABOUT HIM ( SHS SERIES #01 )by Jnryzz Cmll
Camille a STEM student in Arellano University an academic achiever and a grade concious, a girl who doesn't care about what love is until he fall inlove with his bestfr...
Can I Really Do This? (OC insert) by Randompony03
Can I Really Do This? (OC insert)by Radompony 03
Suchuwado Hikari has always gone to poor schools, but never saw a problem with it. She didn't think any of her aspirations would ever really be met, until she came back...
No One Would Listen by TheQuietHufflepuff
No One Would Listenby TheQuietHufflepuff
A modern Phantom of the Opera story. The daughter of two famous opera stars is caught between real love and obsession. She must make a choice, hurting one will be hurt...
passion by linaaveya
passionby Lina ;)
~ loosely based on firsthand experiences of romance... ~ ~ not all are mine xxx ~ ~ names are masked to maintain secrecy ~ ~ enjoy reading my lovelies ~
A Dare by randomthoughts754
A Dareby random thoughts
How something so beatiful can destroy a person.
Hearts broken; words left unspoken. by Excification
Hearts broken; words left unspoken.by Excification
Best friends. Guy loves the girl. Girl doesn't love him back. There.
YOU by ShabdikaPal
YOUby Shabdika Pal
All the oxymoron that he made you feel...
MOONSTRUCK 《poetry》 by pariahblue
MOONSTRUCK 《poetry》by Pariah Blue
⚠️ trigger warning: sad and dark themes including suicide poetry strikes right at 3 a.m. while the world slumbers and the moon pities me through the window