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Not so little anymore  by EGH15-01
Not so little anymore by MinnieMouse1010
It's been two years since their someday deal and neither Josh or Maya have talked to each other much since. Now Maya is just starting her freshman year at NYU and Josh i...
Joshaya one shots by EGH15-01
Joshaya one shotsby MinnieMouse1010
This is just a bunch of one shots about Josh and Maya from girl meets world. I hope you enjoy them!
Someday: A Collection of Joshaya One Shots by JoshayaShipper4Ever
Someday: A Collection of Joshaya O...by Lizzie Matthews
A collection of one shots in which Josh and Maya play the long game and reach their someday. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ ♡ Highest Rankings ♡ ~ #1: Joshaya ~ #10: Girl Meets Wor...
On Purpose by cutesy_chick
On Purposeby cutesy_chick
A common story about an uncle boing having to hear Maya constantly try to change his mind about her.
TWO IN A MILLION! farkle minkus by niallhoranslovebot
TWO IN A MILLION! farkle minkusby 𝙢𝙖𝙠𝙚𝙣𝙯𝙞𝙚
― ❝We're like two in a million, can't even began to find where I found you.❞ OR ― ❝ primrose and her friends gets through middle school and high school and along the way...
wrong number//josh matthews by multifangirl19
wrong number//josh matthewsby multifangirl19
|2nd Josh Matthews Fanfiction| UNKNOWN-hey gorgeous...it's josh from the club. i think i'd like to get to know you better, you down? ME-sorry buddy, she gave you the wr...
Ride Along ✅ by JoshayaShipper4Ever
Ride Along ✅by Lizzie Matthews
🚔 The ride along that will change the game forever 🚔 Maya Hunter is counting down the days until graduation with university right in the rearview but her falling grade...
BETTER TOGETHER! josh matthews by niallhoranslovebot
BETTER TOGETHER! josh matthewsby 𝙢𝙖𝙠𝙚𝙣𝙯𝙞𝙚
―❝ We'll make it through whatever. 'Cause we're better together.❞ OR ―❝ in which they're childhood best friends and she's scared to admit his feelings to him so his niec...
Limerence | j. matthews [✓] by voidtube
Limerence | j. matthews [✓]by chelsea 🎭
❝ He's looking for a girl missing a heart shaped locket? ❞ ❝ Yeah and I'm his Cinderella. ❞ ❦ ✰ ❦ ✰ [ joshua matthews x fem!oc ] [ plot credit: -notaes ] [ COMPLETED: 4t...
The Singer and Her Bodyguard  by EGH15-01
The Singer and Her Bodyguard by MinnieMouse1010
Cover by @queen_Dez08 She is famous, He is the body guard that was hired to protect her. She was somebody who wanted out of all the fame and the glory, He was just tryin...
Joshaya/Urbrina One Shots by BoingxGorgeous
Joshaya/Urbrina One Shotsby Estelle Du Plessis
My one shots from GMW's Joshaya Aka Josh and Maya and if the real actors (Sabrina Carpenter and Uriah Shelton) Aka Urbrina
An Agents Life  by EGH15-01
An Agents Life by MinnieMouse1010
Josh is the leader of the FBI team in New York and Maya is one of his field agents. Josh has been in London for three years working with the FBI on a undercover operatio...
Manhattan Dreams ✅ by JoshayaShipper4Ever
Manhattan Dreams ✅by Lizzie Matthews
♡ Joshaya AU ♡ Maya is an aspiring ballerina who is more than ready to start her life at Manhattan School of Performing Arts. Of course her life is turned upside down wh...
Summer Fling  by EGH15-01
Summer Fling by MinnieMouse1010
Eight weeks, two people, one fling, no feelings. That was deal they both made on the Matthews and Hunter's vacation. To do anything they want, anytime they want and no...
One Tree Hill - The Scott Sister by BoingxGorgeous
One Tree Hill - The Scott Sisterby Estelle Du Plessis
Lucas and Peyton are shocked when they find an old letter from the diseased Dan Scott stating that he has a daughter.
Betrothed  by EGH15-01
Betrothed by MinnieMouse1010
What could be worse than getting put in an arranged marriage? How about being put in an arranged marriage with your worst enemy. The Matthews and Hunters have always be...
Run and Hide(Completed) by MaddieRxoxo
Run and Hide(Completed)by MaddieRxoxo
COMPLETED. When both Amy and Alan have had enough of their out of control teenage son they send him to Philadelphia, hoping he can get his life back together. Little did...
Taking On The World by MaddieRxoxo
Taking On The Worldby MaddieRxoxo
Follow Maya and Riley as young adults as they make difficult life choices that surprise their friends and families. Joshaya/Rucas. Coming Home Series.
A Summer Thrill by TheAngel_InRed
A Summer Thrillby Lüsîãñà Tūbämásì
18 year old Victoria Michaelson just graduated high school, and she's planning a girls trip with her two best friends to travel to all their favorite cities and countrie...
Long Game: A Joshaya Fanfic by redphillieshat
Long Game: A Joshaya Fanficby Jenny Dun
What happens when Josh and Maya come face to face at Christmas after almost 10 years?