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On Purpose by cutesy_chick
On Purposeby cutesy_chick
A common story about an uncle boing having to hear Maya constantly try to change his mind about her.
Too Young by Melanie0800
Too Youngby Melanie
○○○•COMPLETED•○○○ ••• BOOK 1 ••• ○Followed by: My Little Blessing & All we have is Forever○ Dedicated to @Joshaya_Sabri...
Joshaya Imagines by JoshayaMeetsWorld
Joshaya Imaginesby Jane
Joshaya imagines! Some may have more than one part! Requests are open!
Girl Meets Texts: A Collection of Text One Shots by JoshayaShipper4Ever
Girl Meets Texts: A Collection Lizzie Matthews
The random text conversations revolving around the changing lives of our favorite Girl Meets World characters and ships 📱 ♡ Romantic Ships Include ♡ ~ Joshaya ~ Rucas ~...
Not so little anymore  by EGH15-01
Not so little anymore by MinnieMouse1010
It's been two years since their someday deal and neither Josh or Maya have talked to each other much since. Now Maya is just starting her freshman year at NYU and Josh i...
The Long Game--Joshaya by wsupcynthia
The Long Game--Joshayaby wsupcynthia
In my junior year of high school, the guy I had the biggest crush on went to study abroad. We lost touch since then. He came back at the beginning of my senior year. Jos...
Ride Along ✅ by JoshayaShipper4Ever
Ride Along ✅by Lizzie Matthews
🚔 The ride along that will change the game forever 🚔 Maya Hunter is counting down the days until graduation with university right in the rearview but her falling grade...
New Years (Joshaya) by JoshayaMeetsWorld
New Years (Joshaya)by Jane
In which New Years changes everything for everyone. (Extended description inside)
Truth or Dare by joshayaluv
Truth or Dareby joshaya
Josh makes a surprise visit and stays the night, crashing a sleepover between Riley and Maya. With the parents away and Lucas, joining in on the fun, a friendly game nig...
Hopeless (A Joshaya Fanfiction) by different-fanficsx
Hopeless (A Joshaya Fanfiction)by different-fanficsx
Maya Hart is a freshman at NYU with her best friends Riley Matthews, Farkle Minkus, Lucas Friar, Isadora Smackle, Zay Babineux. Riley Matthews is more than just Maya's...
We Were Drunk by cece12345678901
We Were Drunkby C⃟E⃟C⃟E⃟
Maya's in collage. She goes to a party and gets drunk. Joshua was also drunk.
Joshaya one shots by EGH15-01
Joshaya one shotsby MinnieMouse1010
This is just a bunch of one shots about Josh and Maya from girl meets world. I hope you enjoy them!
Rescuing Hart by mandapanda4519
Rescuing Hartby Blue Eyed Pandas
What happens when Maya ends up in the hospital, and her life is on the line? What happens when they find out her "accident" wasn't necessarily an "acciden...
joshaya one shots by longgame
joshaya one shotsby bre
in which i write a ton of trash one shots for my otp. +gmw choice award winner.
Girl Meets World Joshaya by lovebuggie9329
Girl Meets World Joshayaby lovebuggie9329
I don't own GMW. I copied kind of up to the ski lodge. Then I will be making up more own part.
Detention (Joshaya) by kushbush
Detention (Joshaya)by kushbush
THE SEQUEL IS OUT Joshua Matthews is not related to Riley in this story, they just both have the last name because it's a common lasts name. Maya is the same person that...
Forever? (Sequel to Our Secret Someday)  by Evelynriley
Forever? (Sequel to Our Secret Evelynriley
When things are seemingly perfect for Josh and Maya something happens within the Matthews family that sends them all off track. Love Marriage Babies Heartache The big...
Run and Hide(Completed) by MaddieRxoxo
Run and Hide(Completed)by MaddieRxoxo
COMPLETED. When both Amy and Alan have had enough of their out of control teenage son they send him to Philadelphia, hoping he can get his life back together. Little did...
girl meets Joshaya; someday by tsworld18
girl meets Joshaya; somedayby Crazy fan girl
Life of the characters in girl meets world after Josh and maya start to date. Proposals, declarations of love and going through life. Life is finally going good for maya...
Maya and josh the long game  by MollyPalmer4
Maya and josh the long game by Molly Palmer
This takes place in the beginning 3 years after the ski lodge. It's finally their someday