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In Need of Assistance? (TF2) by Woeful_Wordsmith
In Need of Assistance? (TF2)by Ribbs
[UPDATES FRIDAYS} After all of the convincing and hard work thanks to Miss Pauling, the Administrator extends a job for me to keep a team of mercenaries organized for th...
Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2 One-Shots by PricklyHedgie
Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2 One-Shotsby SilverSnake
The majority of these will be with Nick or Ellis, but you can request for other characters. These will all be reader inserts, no chosen names [so it'll be (Y/N) every on...
New family, New Love by Rockstar_8270
New family, New Loveby Rockstar_8270
A Nellis fanfic!! Nick, a 35 year old single dad, protects his daughter as they fight their way to safety in a zombie apocalypse. He comes across a group of three peopl...
Half Life:Hell Phenomenon by Loyalty_Is_Key
Half Life:Hell Phenomenonby Grunt
(event before half life 2) Gordon didn't wasted his time in Black Mesa as a coward escaping the facility,rather pick the way to end the Zen Invasion.after defeating the...
Team Portal 2 by Cole_Goodrich
Team Portal 2by Cole Goodrich
When the Engineer's new invention teleports him and his team from the 20th-century Mann Co. to the far-future Aperture Science, the mercenaries must work together with t...
Chain Reaction  by Mirror_Maestro
Chain Reaction by Mirror_Maestro
"The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world." 20 years ago, the Combine came to Earth. 7 hours later, Earth belonged to them. T...
GLaDOS' pet (GLaDOS x child reader) by ScienceMayo
GLaDOS' pet (GLaDOS x child reader)by ScienceMayo
a child walks into aperture and GLaDOS keeps it for some odd reason... E/c: Eye Colour . H/c: Hair Colour . Y/n: Your Name . A/N: Authors Note. Cover photo made by Theen...
~Portal 2 Oneshots~ by _CosmicBlizzard_
~Portal 2 Oneshots~by Xx¢σѕмι¢вℓιzzαя∂xX
"There, I cursed my Wattpad profile by writing a Portal 2 oneshot book," - yours truly Includes~ ~ Boy x Girl!Reader Girl x Boy!Reader I'll try my best :)
MHA: Cloverfield by Spider-Deku2012
MHA: Cloverfieldby Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya. A second year in highschool who, despite being bullied and tormented everyday, has a pure heart of gold. Things get worse for the young boy as his mothe...
TF2 Headcanons! (ONGOING) by CaIIisto87
TF2 Headcanons! (ONGOING)by blooberry_pancakes
While I'm working on 727262728 piles of homework here's something simple. Will constantly be updated! REQUESTS ARE OPEN, BUT PLEASE KEEP IT SFW! TW // Though there isn'...
IDOLISH7-Don't Forget Me by NickyGrace9
IDOLISH7-Don't Forget Meby Nicky Grace
When Kujo Takamasa puts Idolish7 and Trigger in the hospital after hitting their travel bus it ends up with all of them forgetting Riku. After Riku realizes the danger h...
Nothing Weird At All by OfficialFlannel
Nothing Weird At Allby flannel
[Scout x Pyro] Scout is cold. Pyro is warm. But Scout has a solution that even Pyro is surprised to hear from someone like him. "Don't make it weird. Cuddle with me...
Meet the Trickster (TF2 fanfic)  by bluewinterqueen
Meet the Trickster (TF2 fanfic) by bluewinterqueen
Evan (aka The Trickster) is a 15 year old boy with a pick-pocketing skills and also a street magician who loves stealing wealthy people's money or fancy materials and gi...
Industrial Control Valve Solutions by utmostvalve
Industrial Control Valve Solutionsby utmostvalve
UTMOST products are widely used in the petrochemical industry, LNG, Coal Chemical Industry, Power Station, Air separation, Fine Chemical Industry, etc. UTMOST china valv...
Gate Valve Vs. Globe Valve by utmostvalve
Gate Valve Vs. Globe Valveby utmostvalve
Gate Valve VS Globe Valve VS Butterfly Valve The development of my country's economy and science and technology has been inseparable from the work of many types of equip...