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Stars Forever Falling by Lolli-POP-Lou
Stars Forever Fallingby Lolli-POP-Lou
Follow the story of former superstars and newfound frauds Velvet and Veneer as they face new struggles during and after their imprisonment for their crimes against fame...
Redemption arc (Ritzneer POV) by ChrisMclamesWife
Redemption arc (Ritzneer POV)by MARRY ME VENEER
After being released from jail just after 2 months and still somehow extremely famous, veneer finds himself being interviewed and returning to his normal life, except th...
Aftermath {Velvet and Veneer Oneshots} by Ancient_Pig
Aftermath {Velvet and Veneer ⭐️𝓥𝓮𝓵𝓼⭐️
A collection of one shots, focusing on Velvet and Veneer's relationship as siblings, as well as Veneer and Ritz' relationship and of course Velvet and Orchid. Requests a...
A rotten kind of cute (veneer x kidritz ) by veneertheIcon
A rotten kind of cute (veneer x Veneer_<3
Ritz goes to grave at night with friends and he gets lost and spots a figure of something or someone he walks to the figure and it was... a zombie!he gets scared and fal...
Veneer x kidritz + velvet x violet by Kanade_Otonokoji783
Veneer x kidritz + velvet x violetby
I didn't find any good ones so why not make my own?🥰 Just as the movie, all characters are 16-17. This is where veneer and velvet are getting interviewed By kidritz. Al...
The Interviewer Boy [Veneer X KidRitz] by BibiTheArtNerd
The Interviewer Boy [Veneer X Wylie Darling <3
AU where Velvet and Veneer actually have talent and get to be famous legitimately. At the met gala a green haired boy meets a yellow and teal haired interviewer. They g...
Stupid Love (ritzneer/kidneer) by AliceBoBalice26
Stupid Love (ritzneer/kidneer)by AliceBoBalice26
Veneer x kid Ritz story after the events of the 3rd movie where veneer and kid ritz become the best singing duo ever, better than velvet and veneer. This fic will have n...
Honey trouble [Veneer x Kidritz] (trolls 3) by _3by3_
Honey trouble [Veneer x Kidritz] ( Rot
on the first day where Velvet and Veneer got into a new school, Veneer got a desk neighbor, Kidritz, a very questionable student. To that moment, Veneer didn't know what...
Ritz x veneer one shots by JelissaJuarez
Ritz x veneer one shotsby JelissaJuarez
Give me story's or ideas you want and I'll put them in the book
Hey Rich Boy! || Veneer x Kid Ritz stories || Ritzneer by TheFanBoyMushroom
Hey Rich Boy! || Veneer x Kid ☆Stone☆
I can't explain how much I love this ship, it's just, I love them, they were made for each other. Anyways, updates might be slow, also If there's any typos, I'm very sor...
With Our Wings Made Of Mist by SaturnChain
With Our Wings Made Of Mistby REN
Everything was supposed to be fine. They had to be. Velvet assured him and her word was final, but her words were like a promise and promises are always broken. - or, Th...