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Remembering Memories(a Kingdom Hearts story) by ValorFox
Remembering Memories(a Kingdom Venchain
This is my interpretation of Ventus remembering his old memories. While searching for Sora in the Realm, Ventus begins to slowly but surely regain his old memories. As...
Kingdom Hearts 3: Fairy May Cry by sambamhaw
Kingdom Hearts 3: Fairy May Cryby sambamhaw
Taking place during Kingdom Hearts 3 and 6 months after the Alvarez Empire arc. Sora, Donald, and Goofy accidentally landed in Earth Land instead of Olympus Coliseum. Wh...
Kingdom Hearts: Eternal Balance (Male Reader x Female Harem)  by StardustMaster
Kingdom Hearts: Eternal Balance ( StardustMaster
Y/n L/n, a boy of mystery. No one has a clue where he came from nor how he got to the island. He thought he was normal but that clearly was not the case. Of course, he i...
Heartless: A Male Reader x Kingdom Hearts Story by Bluebleo
Heartless: A Male Reader x Author Man
Born on the Destiny Islands, Y/n led a peaceful life. He had no stress, no problems, and plenty of his favorite things: Sun, music, and friends. Almost all the time, he...
Bakugan Gundalian Invaders Lena Isis X Male Oc by ironbloodangel
Bakugan Gundalian Invaders Lena barabtos
Vali is a battle Brawlers who stops by bakugan interspace. What happens when he starts to develop feelings for a enemy brawler
Key To Light And Dark Ventus/Roxas X Reader  by vampire2468
Key To Light And Dark Ventus/ vampire2468
This story follows the original game. Enjoy!!! I do not own any kingdom hearts characters. Credit story to Shiro Amano
The Power of a Princess (A KH3 Fanfiction) by FrozenKHFan97
The Power of a Princess (A KH3 FrozenKHFan97
(Book 7) Hikari goes with Sora, Donald and Goofy to embark on a new journey to unlock her true power of the Princess of Kingdom Hearts and help Sora recover the power of...
Cheating Destiny by mangosherbert01
Cheating Destinyby Alex
When the dust from the Great War settles, the worlds are finally at peace. But what happens if everything is not as it seems, and the Great War was just the beginning? ...
Kingdom Hearts: Little adventures by Detectivegel
Kingdom Hearts: Little adventuresby Mystery A
A/N It's not originally mine but I decided to put Kingdom Hearts COMIC by manga1357 from DeviantArt. It's Amazing! I even like the chapters that was base on the story.
Bakugan Battle Brawlers: The Reluctant Brawler by BraedimusSupreme
Bakugan Battle Brawlers: The Braedey95 2.0
"Hello, all. This might sound crazy, but one day, a bunch of these odd and unique cards started raining down from the sky all around the world. They seemed pretty h...
 Kingdom hearts memes  by _Anya_the_Eden
Kingdom hearts memes by צ Eden ¦×
ILLEGAL MEMES that I like to steal from the Internet
Izuku Yagi The Guardian Of Pyro by nejirexdeku580
Izuku Yagi The Guardian Of Pyroby green chicken storm
Izuku yagi son of all might and green tornado number 1 and 5 ranked heroes he is born quirkless unlike his twin sister izumi causing him do be neglected and bullied by h...
The Heart of a Princess: A KH BBS Fanfiction by FrozenKHFan97
The Heart of a Princess: A KH FrozenKHFan97
(Book 1) This story is about Hikari's adventures with the BBS trio as she travels through worlds fighting the Unversed to fighting Vanitas and Master Xehanort. The scene...
Kingdom Hearts Fallen Guardian by PokemonTMNTSilver
Kingdom Hearts Fallen Guardianby PokemonTMNT Silver
This story is about Makaylyn during her adventure, along with her friends. This takes places in Birth By Sleep, Makaylyn always wonder why did she became a guardian in t...
Kingdom Hearts males x Male reader by AlpacaCute24090
Kingdom Hearts males x Male readerby AlpacaCute24090
seme male uke male both male etc, you name it!! My 2nd oneshot book. no smuts or lemons, but I will put some stuff juicy~ I will transfer the x male readers from my firs...
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Kingdom of Dream Prequel: Proteges of Eraqus! by ThunderbirdQueen
Kingdom of Dream Prequel: ThunderbirdQueen
Master Eraqus saw hope in young Riva (Re-vah) and thought that perhaps, she may be able to wield a keyblade one day. After many years studying, she is still unable to bu...
Kingdom Hearts X Reader Oneshots (Requests Open) by ButterflyXMoonlight
Kingdom Hearts X Reader Oneshots ( ButterflyXMoonlight
A collection of KH oneshots that I've written over time. I'll try to upload as much as I can depending on requests and my own inspiration. The reader will always use she...
The Princess's Call to Adventure (A KH1 & KH CoM Fanfiction) by FrozenKHFan97
The Princess's Call to Adventure ( FrozenKHFan97
(Book 2) 10 years after a raging battle against Xehanort and Vanitas, Hikari goes on a new adventure with Sora, Donald and Goofy to search for Riku, Kairi and King Micke...
The Elemental Keyblade Wielder: (Kingdom Hearts x male reader) by sambamhaw
The Elemental Keyblade Wielder: ( sambamhaw
When a Keyblade Wielder was separate from his three best friends, Y/N ends up in a magical world called Skylands where he meets a Portal Master named Eon and a group of...