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Key To Light And Dark Ventus/Roxas X Reader  by vampire2468
Key To Light And Dark Ventus/ vampire2468
This story follows the original game. Enjoy!!! I do not own any kingdom hearts characters. Credit story to Shiro Amano
Always Together (Kingdom Hearts) by ventusxsora970
Always Together (Kingdom Hearts)by ventusxsora970
Ventus has been having nightmares and Aqua calls Sora for help. Both Sora and Ventus realize that they share the same feeling for one another.
Kingdom Heart's Birth By Sleep 2 The Revenge Of The Organization  by ChisakiKaiOverhaul
Kingdom Heart's Birth By Sleep 2 Chisaki Kai Overhaul
They think it was just going to be a Normal visit to a little friend, but now they are getting themselves into another wild ride. Ventus is now put in a Lions den full o...
Shadow and Light by LindsayRobison0
Shadow and Lightby LindsayMichelle16
Vanitits is Vens older brother, but no one would know it. CW: Mention of blood multiple times
Hidden Feelings by Hero_of_Darkness
Hidden Feelingsby Riku
Ever since the twin brothers Roxas and Ventus were born. Roxas always had loved his younger twin brother more than he should have but couldn't help it as he holds a deep...
The Fourteen Dark Vessel: Kingdom Hearts x Male Reader x RWBY by sambamhaw
The Fourteen Dark Vessel: sambamhaw
A Keyblade wielder who had been rejected, cheated, abandoned, and betrayed by his own friends. He was on the verge of death until a mysterious man in a black coat gave h...
Heartless: A Male Reader x Kingdom Hearts Story by Bluebleo
Heartless: A Male Reader x Author Man
Born on the Destiny Islands, Y/n led a peaceful life. He had no stress, no problems, and plenty of his favorite things: Sun, music, and friends. Almost all the time, he...
The Time Traveler (Kingdom Hearts Characters x Reader) by OnyxWolfsbane777
The Time Traveler (Kingdom OnyxWolfsbane777
The reader time travels throughout all kingdom hearts and win the hearts of many characters she comes across! From the original masters, to organization 13, and the hero...
The Power of a Princess (A KH3 Fanfiction) by FrozenKHFan97
The Power of a Princess (A KH3 FrozenKHFan97
(Book 7) Hikari goes with Sora, Donald and Goofy to embark on a new journey to unlock her true power of the Princess of Kingdom Hearts and help Sora recover the power of...
Bakugan Battle Brawlers: The Reluctant Brawler by BraedimusSupreme
Bakugan Battle Brawlers: The Braedey95 2.0
"Hello, all. This might sound crazy, but one day, a bunch of these odd and unique cards started raining down from the sky all around the world. They seemed pretty h...
Kingdom Hearts 3: Dragon War (KH OC Story) [OLD] by GrimstoneRX1300
Kingdom Hearts 3: Dragon War (KH GrimstoneRX1300
After the events of Dream Drop Distance and Time of the Keyblade, Arcturus and Sora join forces to fight against the new Organization XIII. With old and new allies, they...
Bleach x male reader x Kingdom Hearts by sambamhaw
Bleach x male reader x Kingdom sambamhaw
Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed, Hollows, Keyblade wielders Soul Reapers, Quinces, all supernatural beings that exist in the universe. But what happens when a Keyblade wie...
My Sanctuary (Vanitas x reader) by WriterAngel5555
My Sanctuary (Vanitas x reader)by Ace
(Vanitas x reader) Vanitas was a monster, lurking in the darkness. He was an apprentice to Master Xehanort, raised alone like a pig for slaughter. (Y/n) was mysterious...
The Princess's Call to Adventure (A KH1 & KH CoM Fanfiction) by FrozenKHFan97
The Princess's Call to Adventure ( FrozenKHFan97
(Book 2) 10 years after a raging battle against Xehanort and Vanitas, Hikari goes on a new adventure with Sora, Donald and Goofy to search for Riku, Kairi and King Micke...
Just A Little Bit of Light (A Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Fanfiction) by SilverDreamsisBrenna
Just A Little Bit of Light (A Kiyoshi Eilauver
Annabelle or preferably Analia, is a sixteen year old girl trying to achieve her dream to become a Keyblade Master in the Land of Departure. Being the Daughter of Master...
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Edens Zero x Keyblade Male Reader by sambamhaw
Edens Zero x Keyblade Male Readerby sambamhaw
After being separated from his friends he grew up on Destiny Islands, Y/N ended up on a planet called Granbell, a deserted theme park run by robots. He then meets his ne...
My Heart Is Always With You Kingdom Hearts Ventus X OC Alexis by destinycopley134
My Heart Is Always With You Destinycopley123
Alexis was always gifted ever since her birth. For Alexis her life has never been easy. Always running from different places due to her not being accepted by humans or h...
Cheating Destiny by mangosherbert01
Cheating Destinyby Alex
When the dust from the Great War settles, the worlds are finally at peace. But what happens if everything is not as it seems, and the Great War was just the beginning? ...
Kingdom Hearts 3; Riku x reader by rikuubbyboi
Kingdom Hearts 3; Riku x readerby rikuubbyboi
this x reader is based off the plot of Kingdom hearts 3. if you haven't played it yet i suggest you do so before reading this book, this will contain major spoilers from...
The Heart of a Princess: A KH BBS Fanfiction by FrozenKHFan97
The Heart of a Princess: A KH FrozenKHFan97
(Book 1) This story is about Hikari's adventures with the BBS trio as she travels through worlds fighting the Unversed to fighting Vanitas and Master Xehanort. The scene...