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~~Wanna Be YOURS~~ by ur_blue61
~~Wanna Be YOURS~~by
ကဲ..နောက်ထပ် vitashine fanficလေးပါ။ ကျောင်းဆရာ ဗီတာမင်နဲ့ တပည့်တွေရဲ့ ဦးလေး ရှိုင်းတို့နှစ်ယောက်ကြားထဲက အကြောင်းလေးတွေကို ပေါ့ပေါ့ပါးပါးဖြစ်မယ့် ပုံစံလေးမို့ဘအမောပြေ ဖတ်...
Missing Me by WitchandAngel
Missing Meby WitchandAngel
Rachel è una brava ragazza, un'ottima cantante e ha un buon cuore. È un vero peccato che la sua scuola la odi, i professori la maltrattino e tutti la prendono per stupid...
Mori Ougai x reader "Doctor Mori's Sexual Education" by VioletArgie
Mori Ougai x reader "Doctor Mori' VioletArgie
You meet a frightening man name Mori Ougai and get into a strange relationship with him
💫A Life Meant For Me💫 by 21FishBitStar12
💫A Life Meant For Me💫by 21FishBitStar12
Eloria Is Aristia's sister, a sweet, kind girl who loves her family with all of her heart. However, she was a sickly child who could only move around so often without he...
[DISCONTINUED] I was reincarnated in The Abandoned Empress as a minor character by limitedmind
[DISCONTINUED] I was little_miss_intovert
Estelle Vaste Castillo, the sole daughter of the Archduke Castillo. A minor character in the abandoned empress. Minor characters are meant to show just how strong th...
I'm still with you koko by Snow-noenoe
I'm still with you kokoby Snow02
Shine: ကြက်ဥလေးကို သားကိုပေးပါနော်တီတီ
Love and Hate by AnimalRights10
Love and Hateby John James
Kion loves Fuli. But he isn't sure if she feels the same. When he asks her, Fuli does the unthinkable: she says NO. Kion swears to make her love him. If Fuli won't, well...
|| •˚Twisted Wonderland: Tale of The 2 Houses˚• || by Kodzu__Ken__
|| •˚Twisted Wonderland: Tale of K0ZUM3
Seems Night Raven College is finally accepting female students. But along with the acceptance, comes two new houses. Valloradawn (Known for Precision) Themed off of the...
Madness (Suicidal Book 3) by AnimalRights10
Madness (Suicidal Book 3)by John James
Having broken Kovu and Kion out from the asylum, Sonic is helping the two of them as they're on the run from both the cops and Zira, who has declared war on Kion. But so...
Život s youtuberem?! by Mei_Bee
Život s youtuberem?!by Mei_Bee
Dvě dívky dostanou pozvánku na párty od jednoho kluka. Co se, ale stane když se do něj jedna zamiluje? A co když její kamarádku začnou šíkanovat? Pomůže jí nebo s na ni...
Mai  by denebola2
Mai by denebola2
Una ragazza nel suo mondo
The Twisted String of Fate (The Abandoned Empress) by passerbyx02
The Twisted String of Fate (The passerbyx02
Aristia confronts Vita to cut the red string of fate that tangles between two fated lovers, making her the other woman. *I do not own The Abandoned Empress (Comic: iNA ;...
Immobilizzato nell'ombra del mondo. by Modyen
Immobilizzato nell'ombra del Modyen
Marcus è un ragazzo orfano diciassettenne che vive in West Virginia in una comunità insieme a suo fratello. VIsto che non poteva permettersi nulla, inizia a vedersi...
The Oath by 1Studiante1Autore1
The Oathby Franco Arbore
This is a totally conceived story: and it wants to highlight what can happen to each of us, when you have relations with perjurers. Who, like some characters, takes an o...
Home(The Abandoned Empress) by Rubia_Jieun
Home(The Abandoned Empress)by Rubia Jieun
10 Years have now passed since the events of the main story,Jieun has been living well and adjusting to her new life in the Lisa Kingdom Despite adjusting well and now...
Flesh of Fantasy by William213214
Flesh of Fantasyby Everywhere
4 dudes, one fantasy world
Una vita in gabbia by Lory03x
Una vita in gabbiaby Lory03x
"Tutti mi squadrano con occhi sprezzanti, come nemmeno fossi un' assassina, bisbigliano fra di loro commenti sgradevoli e quasi offensivi. Quando mi vedono cambiano...
Dear life by agata_sor
Dear lifeby agata_sor
Questa è una racoclta di lettere che ho scritto nell'arco degli ultimi mesi...
Venti poesie d'amore               di Pablo Neruda by Berichten
Venti poesie d' Genève.
"Sono la storia di Santiago, con le strade piene di studenti, l'università, l'odore del bosco e del buon amore condiviso. Malgrado la sua acuta malinconia, vi è in...