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Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World by Narutoshippuden1
Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed th...by Winter symphony
The world's largest VRMMO, Conviction, was almost like a second world for humanity. It had integrated itself into the real world's economy, with both corporations and in...
Reincarnated in sao by Im_to_stupid
Reincarnated in saoby Im_to_stupid
Cover art by Elwenz on deviantart Just read the story (there will be no harem so go back to horny jail)
All points into luck! by Im_to_stupid
All points into luck!by Im_to_stupid
What's the best stat? Strength? Agility? Intelligence? Defence? No none of those, it's Luck!
She Professed Herself  The Pupil of The Wisemen by muena25
She Professed Herself The Pupil o...by hunterxsoul eater
Sakimori Kagami plays a VRMMORPG called Arch Earth Online. He is a veteran player with the name and appearance similar to an elderly bearded wizard from a certain book a...
Sword art online integral factor (My Version) by SamSVS
Sword art online integral factor (...by SamSVS
The story follows Vein Kiriyama a kendo champion and beta tester who try his best to beat SAO after getting trap in it by Kayaba Akihiko, however he has to take extra pr...
An NPC's Path: The Dead Rogue (LitRPG series) by Magic_Dome_Books
An NPC's Path: The Dead Rogue (Lit...by Magic_Dome_Books
A LitRPG novel by Pavel Kornev Virtual worlds are places of boundless freedom. Anyone can become an elven mage or an invisible rogue, join a clan and go on raids, fight...
Sword Art Online: A Tale of Two Swords - Kirito x Yuuki Konno by ShadowPixels
Sword Art Online: A Tale of Two Sw...by ShadowPixels
An alternate reality were Asuna and Kirito don't become a couple. Here Kirito will meet Yuuki Konno and soon after, their journey through life will become one.
Overgeared fanfic by Godowsky
Overgeared fanficby Godowsky
just a few fun ideas I came up with while reading Overgeared, most of them take place well after the current events of the story and introduce some points of view and ch...
ONE HALF PRINCESS(Boyxboy) by YvanCarl
ONE HALF PRINCESS(Boyxboy)by Yvan Carl Gerard
Prince Summers is a troubled 16 years old highschool student who is always bullied by his classmates for having feminine features. Determined to escape reality, he stumb...
Grid's Descendant by CandidateUni
Grid's Descendantby Uni Nothing
A spinoff of the Web Novel 'Overgeared', where Kraugel's IRL son is the main character as he seemingly finishes his final class quest.
Castle Of The Seven Kings Online (SAMPLE) by JaxOn0
Castle Of The Seven Kings Online (...by Nouel
VRMMORPG has been a huge hit since the first full virtual dive-based games were released in 2025, and now, in the year of 2045, a new VRMMORPG has been released. Among m...
Lativase Eternity Online VRMMORPG by PixelAOY
Lativase Eternity Online VRMMORPGby Vrmmorpg is fun!!
Imagine being in a world made of pixels but feels so real you can't believe it's fake. Jin lost his parents right before his highschool graduation in a plane crash a...
The Beast Tamer's Heart by mysteriousanimay
The Beast Tamer's Heartby Mysterious Anime
Discontinued... (comment if I should return) Silica has been stuck in the death game known as Sword Art Online for a couple of months now. One day, her sorrows brightene...
Misery Loves Company by superskyshaymin
Misery Loves Companyby Superskyshaymin
the story follows a full dive VRMMO player usernamed Raizyx and his summoning animal, Raven through the country of Novia, a small nation plagued with phantasmal problems...
The Broken VRMMO Character (Discontinued) by Lucifyer
The Broken VRMMO Character (Discon...by Lucifyer
"The controls are weird... Maybe if I move around a bit it would calibrate?" That was the first thing Reitsu Yujitsu had thought. Not knowing what was to come...
The future, Ascension by CandidateUni
The future, Ascensionby Uni Nothing
Somewhat of a loose prequel to Grid's Descendant, starting from the death of Chiyou.
A carefree middle aged ex-professional gamer VRMMORPG casual play by Lazy_Author-san
A carefree middle aged ex-professi...by Lazy_Author-san
What happens when a retired professional gamer, who still has the skills to come back, decides to play a new VRMMO game in an RPG setting just for fun and some laughs? W...
Secret of SAO by angelfish333
Secret of SAOby Angelfish333
The newest VRMMO has hit the shelves, but a select few have been chosen to test it first. The gang discovers that there is more to this game than meets the eye and some...
Castle of The Seven Kings Online: Demon's March by JaxOn0
Castle of The Seven Kings Online:...by Nouel
The final chapters for Castle of The Seven Kings Online book. After a long battle waged between the Black Hearts and the Red Plague, Jaxon finally took reign over the wh...
Cross Empyrean World Gate VRMMO ( BNHA Fanfiction) (Hiatus Sorry) by DreamerWriter101
Cross Empyrean World Gate VRMMO (...by
The year of 2XXX while heroes and villains fight alike, a Virtual Reality system was released to the world by a strange new company Alcor Corporation. With them came ma...