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A Second Chance by happyreaderNish776
A Second Chanceby Nisha Nish
Nicola and Gabriel used to be best friends while growing up, but she had made the classic mistake of falling in love with him, which resulted in not only the end of thei...
SOLD by MuaqueenllWaltz
SOLDby Muaqueenll Waltz
Ivory Coaster is an ordinary girl with ordinary dreams.Taking care of her mother has never been more imperative that is until she is sold to Alexis Westwood ********** ...
The Wallflower and the Roses - A Bridgerton Fanfiction  by sumnadeem
The Wallflower and the Roses - A B...by Sum Nadeem
A Bridgerton Fanfiction- Romancing Mr. Bridgerton Dear Lovely Readers, There will some of you who are directed hither after watching the smashing hit of the recently rel...
Blossoming Ice: the wallflower and the hockey player by kei_writes027
Blossoming Ice: the wallflower and...by keira
Ariella Gonzalez is a 20-year-old introverted college student who spends most of her time studying in the library or volunteering at an animal shelter. On the other hand...
The Insanity of a Wallflower by Helium
The Insanity of a Wallflowerby Helium
I draw the people I hate at school. I hear the gossip, I hear the lies but I draw what my own eyes see. And I see the embarrassing, devastating, beautiful secrets my pee...
The Criminal's Wallflower by afillingim96
The Criminal's Wallflowerby April Fillingim
A Brain, An Athlete, A basket case, A Princess, A Criminal, And A Wallflower. Brian's sister joins him in detention that fateful Saturday and happens to catch John Bende...
Enigma Unveiled: A Scientific Odyssey by BrainyExplorer
Enigma Unveiled: A Scientific Odys...by RAY
In a world where supernatural beings walked among humans, the balance of power and knowledge was delicate. They had coexisted for ages, each species retaining its way of...
Roses And Guns by friedpotahto
Roses And Gunsby starwilson
{NOT UPDATING ANYMORE} (INCOMPLETE STORY) She spent her whole life chasing after a guy, wanting love. Running after it. Desperately grasping at anything the man would gi...
The Street Festival: How A Wallflower Became The Hero  by sabrynabrooklynne
The Street Festival: How A Wallflo...by Sabryna
Marty, is a quiet, shy kid, a loner with no close friends. He's always felt like an odd, uncomfortable, awkward person with zero social skills. With no positive male ro...
The Paradox of Us by amazingberry21
The Paradox of Usby amazingberry21
For Evan Kieth, 17, moving in with the Travis family seemed that it was going to be nothing out of the ordinary for him. He had been weaving throughout the foster system...
I am appointed by a Billionaire to be his Heir's Girlfriend by UntamedAngel
I am appointed by a Billionaire to...by UntamedAngel
Athena Vanderbilt is a wallflower, a shadow behind her bestfriend. But timid as she may be, she dared to do something no one would ever take the risk: to humiliate the p...
Equestria Girls: Chatroom by yurgaltweetchoco
Equestria Girls: Chatroomby QJ
All these girls have fights, hangouts, do pranks but they still love each other
Different (bxb) by Ookaishy
Different (bxb)by Kitty Nuggie
I'm different, and I guess in a way we all are. We're all trying to find a place for ourselves in this too big of a world, someplace where we feel at home. But what if b...
WallFlower by ziallstan
WallFlowerby ❤️
Zayn was the wall flower.
Summer Jam (gxg) by Ookaishy
Summer Jam (gxg)by Kitty Nuggie
Falling in love can be the most wonderful of things - it can also ruin the best of friendships. This is a story about cherishing what we have, and appreciating the litt...
The Duke's Beloved by pipetteyourfeelings
The Duke's Belovedby Pip Youngfield
Lady Evelyn Hershaw has never been considered a beauty in society's eyes. Her sharp wit and intelligence have always been her saving grace, but when her best friend, the...
No Guidelines  by pacopaige
No Guidelines by Valentine Paige
Quiet and anxious Audrey Perrin is living her life the best way she knows how, with minimal communication and a set routine that never changes; just the way she likes it...
My Piano Boy by JustSam182
My Piano Boyby Samuel
Ashby is the kind of guy who likes to stay invisible. He's a wallflower. He's the background character in the movies no one cares about. You'll see him pass by in the ha...