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Glazed Doughnuts by Wan_ie
Glazed Doughnutsby Wannie
UNEXPECTED SERIES GEN-1 ----- Gulf Kanawut, the cold faced heartthrob CEO of GD Corp. He could kill you with just his glare, a hot tempered rich man. Everybody dies to b...
SEASON OF YOU (MewGulf) by XiaLuan
SEASON OF YOU (MewGulf)by XiaLuan
MewGulf fanfic. warnings: -i dont know how the plot goes but please spare some tissue when reading it.. - omegaverse this time (mpreg). - i sucks writing smut. forgive...
Let Me Court You [MEWGULF FANFIC] by lettenicx
Let Me Court You [MEWGULF FANFIC]by lettenicx
Mew Suppasit is the most wanted man in the school. He is what the girls and boys called, "an all rounder". Mew got the looks, he is flawless in not just his lo...
The Night in Paris|| A MewGulf AU by Jainnakophrom_
The Night in Paris|| A MewGulf AUby PaithoonMalee
A unexpected encounter towards Mew Suppasit, a Mafia Boss, who had gone to Paris for a business. and, Gulf Kanawut, who had lived in Paris for such a long time Both a...
Kana 2 by Wan_ie
Kana 2by Wannie
ESTHER SERIES GEN- 1 ----- The door slammed open, Earth and Baifern came in. Mew was still sitting on the couch, lost in his own world of guilt. Earth noticed the marks...
Mewgulf Short stories  by escritora_021
Mewgulf Short stories by escritora_021
Hey guys! I miss MewGulf together. So I decided to write short stories about them. This book is going to have many small chapters and it will never be completed. So ke...
Falling for you- MewGulf fanfic by JAYTYPE
Falling for you- MewGulf fanficby JAYTYPE
Soooooo.........hi there fellow tharntype/ MewGulf fanatic.👋🏻😉 I've been both blessed and cursed by finding the first episode of Tharntype the series.😂 Blessed beca...
Lips like spring by MEW_LOVES_GULF
Lips like springby Jaismeen
On one calm evening of the artistic spring ,a beautiful young college boy named gulf accidentally bumped into a handsome man,Mew who was consistently struggling for a de...
Someone like you {MewGulf} by brokepotato__
Someone like you {MewGulf}by prettypotato
After two years, Mew finally moved on from his death, or does he think he is. After meeting someone who look exactly like him Mew has been questioning himself "Don'...
Eternity with Mewgulf(One Shot Collection) by Scarlett_2102
Eternity with Mewgulf(One Shot Col...by Scarlett
Let's stay together for a long time... Both Unicode and Zawgyi available. @Scarlett
Happiness Doesn't Matter How Many Times U Smile It Depends On Whom Your Smiling  by JnenBill
Happiness Doesn't Matter How Many...by เจนบิลเจ้าอารมณ์
Two twins brothers gulf and galf as a kid growing up galf got all his parents love and attention while gulf he tried all his childhood trying to get his parents love or...
The angel's guardian  by xllhan
The angel's guardian by ยิ้ม
{I'm an angel , I'm one of them I wished I never been I just want to live a normal life can't I?} { I just have a dream but I have a chosen destiny by my family} { They...
In your arms by JAYTYPE
In your armsby JAYTYPE
Mew and gulf don't see eye to eye. They might be acting as lovers on screen and off screen, but behind close doors their bickering is heated and their hatred cannot be c...
Silence  by dmsdnk
Silence by funawaits
Silence is all he knew growing up, that's why he hates it so much. Gulf is someone who loves to be around friends or anyone just to not be alone. He often hangs out with...
Behind the Scenes [MewGulf fanfiction] by mpsantosz
Behind the Scenes [MewGulf fanfict...by MP Santos
Rumors about MewGulf being faen (boyfriends) are circulating all around the showbiz industry and social media. The classic 'Phi-Nong' always stays as the reply for thes...
When Devil Fall In love with Angel by LEETHERESIA
When Devil Fall In love with Angelby
Apa yang akan terjadi jika kedua ciptaan Tuhan yang berbeda takdir bertemu dan saling mencintai dalam ke tidak pastian takdir. What will happen if the two creations of G...
SIMPANAN BOS MAFIA by ChoiHyunsuk404
Seorang ceo tampan yang jatuh cinta dengan sekertaris nya BxB
أدمـــنـت دمــــائـكـ  || Addicted To Your Blood  ( متوقفة حاليا ) by MGsuppasit
أدمـــنـت دمــــائـكـ || Addicted...by Mewgulf ☀️🌻
ماذَا لَو عَشِقكَ مَصّاص دِمَاء مُتَملّك و أدمَن دِمائك ____ ها أنت تتضرعُ، تدافعُ عن نفسك، تترنح، تتخبط بصوته المجنون حتى يختنقَ، فجأةً، ويسعل دماً ويغادر مرتعشاً بعد...
Love blooms in Trinity 💚💙❤️ (Finished) by e_loves_offgun
Love blooms in Trinity 💚💙❤️ (Fin...by e_loves_offgun
Gun, New & Singto are three best friends. What will happen when they meet three best friends Off, Tay & Krist? Will love blooms? Or it'll turn out to be something else? ...