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Underdog by billie_is_dxddy
Underdogby billie_is_dxddy
Leilani a 17 year old girl has anxiety and barely talks to anyone at school, she doesn't get noticed and she likes it that way. Until one day she accidently bumped into...
Am I really in love with my bully? by billie_is_dxddy
Am I really in love with my bully?by billie_is_dxddy
*PLEASEEE DONT READ THIS IT WAS MY FIRST BOOK ND ITS TRASHHH* Brianna has a hard life as it is especially with Billie being her bully. What will happen when she starts t...
Larger Than Life ({ OHSHC }) ({ Boy x Boy }) by MissMegHolden
Larger Than Life ({ OHSHC }) ({ Bo...by Meg Holden
He had a simple life, a caring girlfriend and a decent school life. But that all changes when his widowed mother meets a rich Japanese bachelor, who just so happens to b...
Wrong Number by billie_is_dxddy
Wrong Numberby billie_is_dxddy
An upcoming artist named billie eilish accidently texts the wrong number. Brooklynn receives a message from an unknown person when she was finna take her life. Could Bil...
What if ; M.R by Sab020
What if ; M.Rby Sab020
What if Voldemort had won the war. What if Harry Potter had died during the war. What if the Death Eaters had complete control over Hogwarts How is the new life of Eloï...
The boy behind the counter~ •|dreamnotfound|• by doublesnotfound12
The boy behind the counter~ •|drea...by doublesnotfound12
Clay didn't believe in love, he thought it was a waste of time, he usually visits a small coffee shop where he could read and study, his friend Nick would sometimes tag...
Falling For My Childhood Best Friend by billie_is_dxddy
Falling For My Childhood Best Frie...by billie_is_dxddy
Mya Parker and Billie Eilish have been best friends since they were three. They've always been by each others side. Even when Billie blew up after realeasing her song oc...
Where is Izuku Midoriya by villain_deku_who
Where is Izuku Midoriyaby Villain Izuwuku
"what do you want from me?" "nothing much. Just you~" "I CAN'T STAY WITH YOU FOREVER!" Deku had always saw his and Todoroki's relationship...
The lost one. Tord X reader. by Fan_girl76
The lost one. Tord X reader.by Fan_girl76
The lost one. Being absolutely broken was her specialty. Who knew my life would change forever when I met her. Beautiful as ever, she sees herself as a horrid mess. Sca...
Own Me Prosecutor by Shinserly_Yhours
Own Me Prosecutorby ShinserlyYhours
MATURE CONTENT/🔞/SPG Rule me, Rule my body, Take me as your servant, Lord me my Prosecutor.
"Why choose me..?" [Quacknoblade angst story] (READ DESC) [Discontinued] by JustaMinase
"Why choose me..?" [Quacknoblade a...by 𝙼𝚒𝚗𝚊𝚜𝚎ღ
Hello, Welcome to my story! this story contains blood, gore, suicide, suicide attempts/conversations, blades, cuts, bruises, abuse, NSFW content, ect. there will be trig...
Fragile Soul by LanyaDazion
Fragile Soulby lanya moore
After the sudden death of Kayden's twin brother she now has to move in with her Dad and his new family. Will Kayden finally be able to heal from her loss and adjust to h...
Tony x Colin by SoraFish
Tony x Colinby SoraFish
Hey! Welcome, this fanfic is about my fav ship in dhmis (a horror series on YouTube that we have been told will premier on TV) Tony, A plus student didn't care for schoo...
Strawberry Milkshake (Suicidal AU) by DaBuN_Bun
Strawberry Milkshake (Suicidal AU)by DaBuN_Bun
⚠️Trigger Warning⚠️ Suicide attempts, strong language, mature content, descriptive scenes etc. Tord left the army long ago. He wandered around by himself, hating what he...
One-shots(Reqs 7/10) by psycho-chair
One-shots(Reqs 7/10)by Alex/Chair
(Cover is mine) Im just writing mini stories on random ideas. some of them are old and I don't like anything that's in the first like twenty parts, those are all trash a...
Leo Valdez One Shots &  Preferences by Daughter_of_Hades101
Leo Valdez One Shots & Preferencesby Mrs.Valdez🔥
this is basically a leo x reader thing . I know this may flop but give it a try?😂You can give me requests if you one a specific thing😆. Also I do not I repeat do not o...
My sweet little Jinnie by KookiesxAndxCream
My sweet little Jinnieby KookiesxAndxCream
Oneshots where Jin is the maknae of the group and the other members want to protect him from the world, and have them all to themselves~ <3
Falling for her by Agent_Belova
Falling for herby CD.KB.YB.WM.V.NR
Daniella Mai is a 18 year old girl She blew up on tiktok overnight She was offered a place in Just A House. Do you think she took the place? Daniella Mai has a huge secr...