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විදූ by lyz_8105
විදූby 𝐋𝐘𝐙
සමාවෙයන්... මුල්ම ආදරේ උඹ වෙනුවෙන් ඉතිරි කර නොගත්තට... ඒත් , මගේ අවසානම ආදරේ... උඹ... උඹම විතරයි මගෙ විදූ... __________________________________________ විදූ විදුල් දෙව්...
සියපත් by lyz_8105
සියපත්by 𝐋𝐘𝐙
"සියපත් මට නෙළුම් මලක්....හරියට පිපිලවත් නැති තවම පෙති විහිදන්න හිතන ළපටි නෙළුම් පොහොට්ටුවක්...." මතකයට හැකියිනම් වන්න පිහි ඇනුමක් සුසුමකට නොහැකි ඇයි දුක දරා ග...
Her Mafia Husband  by Anushka934
Her Mafia Husband by Anushka
They say "Dark Past" makes one to change into their darkest form. But does everyone with a dark past change themselves to their dangerous forms? Both of them h...
Rich Lies by prettychontell_
Rich Liesby
Ksena's life is about to change forever
Veil of Hearts by norahayeswrites
Veil of Heartsby Nora Hayes
Two hundred years ago, a pact was forged between the human King Aldean and the magical inhabitants of Aeloria. The Sirens, the island's fierce protectors, wiped the memo...
TWO DESTINY by aniqq07
it's a short story about how our life changes in a second and how complex and beautiful life is this we need to understand that god have big plans for us. How a girl com...
Torn: A Formula 1 Story by BiochemicalMayhem
Torn: A Formula 1 Storyby Michelle Sparrow
Cassie is just an ordinary woman, getting a job with one of the top F1 teams had been her dream as she grew up. Ollie is your run of the mill top bill F1 driver, his dr...
The Starry Sky by Ur_local_writer_2
The Starry Skyby Ur_local_writer_2
This is my first story! I've prepared this a looooong time ago. Goodbye Word, hello Wattpad! Note that the tags are sorta random. I ran out of ideas, so it's what Wattpa...
Secretly Falling To Each Other  by bunchyy00
Secretly Falling To Each Other by Bunchyyy
Eziekelle and Kiana are both in college they shared with their boarding house and they are also studying in the same university. Eziekelle came from a billionaire famil...
ʜᴇʀ ᴅᴀʀᴋ ᴏʙsᴇssɪᴏɴ || kth FF || by taes_fics
ʜᴇʀ ᴅᴀʀᴋ ᴏʙsᴇssɪᴏɴ || kth FF ||by luv.moon
this is the story about army girl and idol "what happened to.......y-you y/n..you were not like t-that" "you made me do this taehyung!" . . . . . ...
Falguna Poornima: His Guide To Light ☑️ by dwarkaratna
Falguna Poornima: His Guide To Lig...by 😎👻Subhi😜😁
"Love at first sight has a different aspect which has been acquired by darkness, and to be yet discovered," ~Author We all have known about love at first sigh...
Unseen Fragments by dwarkaratna
Unseen Fragmentsby 😎👻Subhi😜😁
"The fragments which are unseen can never be underestimated," ~Author A protagonist can only narrate his/ her story the best. Beholder of a certain existence c...
A Witch's Howl by officialcga
A Witch's Howlby C✨
A powerful witch collides with the primal allure of a dominant alpha wolf. Lilian, a fiery witch with a penchant for chaos, finds herself thrust into a world of werewolv...
The Protagonist's Child by adorablepen
The Protagonist's Childby bijjazz
Charlotte Lauren Delovy de Froscheldt. It started when she woke up with that very long name. She realizes that all of the people and the settings where quite familiar to...
Forever for you ✔️ by dwarkaratna
Forever for you ✔️by 😎👻Subhi😜😁
"No matter how much powerful injustice is, justice always comes at right time to seek its place over injustice," ~Author Trisha who was a reporter in professi...
✔️Parth Probodhika: Pristine hues of his peace  by dwarkaratna
✔️Parth Probodhika: Pristine hues...by 😎👻Subhi😜😁
"When time will be tough It won't have to be only for you When the flow of wind will change It won't have to be only for you When any happiness will appear It...
The Way I Want You For Me ✔️  by dwarkaratna
The Way I Want You For Me ✔️ by 😎👻Subhi😜😁
"Soulmate doesn't come into life by search but by selfless love," ~Author Subhadra, the beautiful and virtuous princess of Dwarka was no ordinary girl in hers...
Spirits by Ibrahim103719
Spiritsby Ibrahim103719
16 Year Old Noah Shahid finds himself looking through his schools past shooting in 2004 as things don't seem to be adding up. If you had the opportunity, would you?
Flourishing While Floating ☑️ by dwarkaratna
Flourishing While Floating ☑️by 😎👻Subhi😜😁
"Love at first sight isn't infatuation, but an inspiration to be felicitated for a whole life time," ~author Arjun Raghuvanshi, the famous celebrity falls for...
Painted and Tainted by dwarkaratna
Painted and Taintedby 😎👻Subhi😜😁
"Barriers are the beauty of blissful love stories,"~Author Teen age is the age of both tenderness and toughness. It's tender, because teen agers explore new em...