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You never know/ Daniel Seavey imagine  by snowfallseavey
You never know/ Daniel Seavey imag...by :)
A Daniel Seavey imagine Y/N clean kinda cheesy or cringe at times
Mystery Love Dipper Pines x reader x Marco Diaz by TheCanary01
Mystery Love Dipper Pines x reader...by Canary
You are Princess Y/N Sky Butterfly of Mewni and you to have choose between Dipper Pines and Marco Diaz
She's { mine } OURs | BTS FF |  by shecutebae
She's { mine } OURs | BTS FF | by NIHYUNG KIM
"How could be a dirty little girl still a virgin?" "Mind your own business... Fuck boys" "Be ours. That's not a request, that's a command" ...
My De Luca Bride [Completed] [Under Major Editing] by LittlePumpkinWriter
My De Luca Bride [Completed] [Unde...by L
A Scandalous Affair Shakes the Society. Marriage is the beginning of a new adventure and a new chapter of life. But for Percyla Moretti, it's a start of a tsunami that d...
Billionaire's Revenge  by autumn_touched_
Billionaire's Revenge by Kri 🦋
Anaya never wanted to get married. She was pretty sure that love wasn't meant for her. But her one mistake ruined everything. She accidentally killed girlfriend of the...
Shut Up, Padfoot! by Lana_theterror
Shut Up, Padfoot!by Lana
"Cry! Take that whip cream out of your mouth this instant!" The loud and fake obnoxious voice echoes across the Gryffindor table. The intended girl, Cry, laugh...
Kiss My Sass [Books 1 & 2] by Puppy1899
Kiss My Sass [Books 1 & 2]by Jesse
Featured in YARomance's 'Love-Hate' reading list as of 01/24/2022 Featured in TeenFiction's 'Funny Bones' reading list as of 09/23/2021 Featured in WattpadExplorer's 'Ed...
Manan: Will Love Happen [ Completed] by monalee_09
Manan: Will Love Happen [ Complete...by M
This is my second Manan story... jump in to the bumpy ride to see if love actually happens or not...
The legend of Korra by 9rdaley2
The legend of Korraby 9rdaley2
You are one of the most talented lightning bender in the world. The power that you hold is powerful and you will do whatever you can to protect your friends and the peop...
The Blood of Poseidon [Based on Percy Jackson] by harrysebstans
The Blood of Poseidon [Based on Pe...by Just lurking
This book follows the story of Priya Campbell, a 16 year old daughter of Poseidon, who goes on a quest with Will Solace, son of Apollo and Jay Walsh, son of Aphrodite. H...
Somewhere Only We Know by beautlies
Somewhere Only We Knowby Sevval
When George Shaw tries to find a plan for the last fifteen days to spend with his best friend, who he's had a crush on as long as he can remember, all he needs is a map...
Three dead and three alive babies by Priceisrightrusher
Three dead and three alive babiesby Priceisrightrusher
Okay, this is going to be a spooky entry cause Wattpad contacted me earlier today about this contest so I am going to go ahead and enter it. Libby approaches and abandon...
Written And Composed  by caramelstreet
Written And Composed by cara
Two strikingly opposite people. One is rich, insanely attractive, annoying and thinks he has his life figured out. One is self-made, stubborn, hardworking and thinks s...
I Am Not Veronica Gates by lifeisdynamite_
I Am Not Veronica Gatesby Itohan
In which a girl leads a double life. ... Hailey's life takes a thrilling turn when she moves into a new town to meet Veronica Gates -her look alike- who happens to be th...
🌹 Julie and the Phantoms Preferences/Imagines 🌹  by BeepBeepGrazer
🌹 Julie and the Phantoms Preferen...by The Strange Child
Some preferences and imagines Requests are open 💜 Highest ranking as of 10/31: #38 in Alex #11 in Willie
Painful Goodbye's by RD_Selenophile
Painful Goodbye'sby 愛
Kace Calum Ferrer, is just a simple young man with a dream in life. Tulad ng nakararami ay namumuhay lang din s'yang tahimik at masaya. His life became more happy, there...
Taken in by Kogan by Priceisrightrusher
Taken in by Koganby Priceisrightrusher
Little Sparkle was thrown out of her home at a few months old. She was left to defend for herself pretty much. Kendall and Logan see her trying to get food from their tr...
The Presence of Yesterday by arisedein
The Presence of Yesterdayby Charisee Sarmiento
Vivienne Villena had never felt romantically in love ever since. For her, she was too young to find true love and too vulnerable to feel any heartache. She enclosed hers...
MOONLIGHT NINJA by Midnight_Carousel
***** (EDITING IN PROGRESS)******* Highest Ratings: #1 in Fantasy #2 in Adventure Short Overview: Yan Mei Ling, the impulsive daughter of the highest ranked military off...
The Last of the Time Lords: Tales of a Bounty Hunter Book 1 by AthenaStamelou
The Last of the Time Lords: Tales...by Athena Stamelou
Tales of a Bounty Hunter Book 1 Centuries after the Great War between the Time Lords and the Syndicate of the Five Planets, a Bounty Hunter accepts a job that ties dire...