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Operation Skinny ✔️ by veronicasoli
Operation Skinny ✔️by Veronica
Phoebe's always hated her body. She never thought she was good enough to blend in with her classmates. And now, at almost 200 pounds, she decides to start what she calls...
Forceful by gettingbig
Forcefulby gettingbig
The story of a girl named Kris being fattened up.
Finns Burger Weight Gain by daboisman
Finns Burger Weight Gainby Feederism.Inc
The story of how a skinny kid became a blimp like his friend, and it was his friends fault.
Claire's Weight Gain by Viktoria_Luvz
Claire's Weight Gainby Viktoria🥱
Claire meets up with a guy, Evan, whom she met on a dating app for a date. Their relationship developed quickly.
Helping Allie by Secret_Author_12
Helping Allieby Secret_Author_12
I would do anything for Allie to give me the time of day. She was stunning, cute, funny, sweet. Everything I'd ever dreamed of. I needed and craved her. I had to do som...
Fat Female Characters X Male Reader by JAKELIL2
Fat Female Characters X Male Readerby JAKELIL
I wanted to work on a story for a long time and couldn't find the courage until I built up the courage to do this and told myself that I should write. I wouldn't never...
Historic WG Short Stories by zamolodchikovakatya
Historic WG Short Storiesby GainerGuy
This a book with stories all throughout history of gainers and their encouragers. These stories are long and fairly PG, so if you're looking for smut this is not the ri...
Have Another Bite by green1000
Have Another Biteby Mystic Wolf
After getting lost in the woods for several days, with no food, losing all their camp gear, out of water and only the ripped clothes on their backs. Michael Clifford and...
Weight Gain. by ThatcherJoeFan1991
Weight Gain.by ThatcherJoeFan1991
Felicity, has chosen her career at a bakers.
Joshler weight gain short story by weirdfetishbutok
Joshler weight gain short storyby Beat
A Joshler weight gain story, enjoy if you're into this kind of stuff. Josh is Tyler's feeder.
Too Fat for Love by XxNixonxX
Too Fat for Loveby Nixon
Take a self-conscious slightly chubby female and throw in a cocky man who probably stepped right off the front cover of a magazine, and throw them together to plan a wed...
joshler weight gain one shots  by snugglytyler
joshler weight gain one shots by snugglytyler
one shots of joshler weight gain (some jenshler included) don't like, don't read open to requests! **cross posted to AO3**
Getting Bigger (COMPLETED) by heythere5760
Getting Bigger (COMPLETED)by heythere5760
*This story is about weight gain so if you're not comfortable with it/ don't like it don't read it :) Lucy was always thin or well she was thin until now. One day somet...
Stuffed (COMPLETED) by heythere5760
Stuffed (COMPLETED)by heythere5760
This story contains weight gain! Molly is 17 years old living with her parents when one day her parents do something to her.
Byrun x slime  by CookieSans147
Byrun x slime by Cookie Sans147
just because I feel like it
Xavier's Weight Gain by ifeellikechicken
Xavier's Weight Gainby ifeellikechicken
16 yo health-controlled Xavier waves up one morning and realise he had a slight belly below. Crazed over it, he hits the gym immediately. Little does he realise, this fa...
The roommates (Feederism) by WeirdoFromTheBunch
The roommates (Feederism)by Antonio Bloodfare
This is the story about two roommates, Tony and Sarah, one of them a shy and innocent boy, and, the other, a girl with a huge courage and a sassy attitude, follow their...
My Weight Gain Diary by chubby_aur
My Weight Gain Diaryby Aur 💜
This diary is where I share my eating habits daily. I'm trying to stuff myself as much as I possibly can, as it feels really good. Please feel free to encourage or teas...
Bon Bons to Yoga Pants by KatieCross4
Bon Bons to Yoga Pantsby Katie Cross
Lexie Greene has always had such a pretty face. Unfortunately, that's where it seemed to stop. She's grown up hearing her Mother constantly remind her that she needs...
Teddy Gainer and the Forbidden Fruit by TeddyGainer
Teddy Gainer and the Forbidden Fru...by TeddyGainer
Theodor "Teddy" Gainer lost his parents when he was very young. Obese most of his life, like his dead parents, he has been living with his uncle and aunt, a fa...