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Going Green by Arrowbolt5
Going Greenby Arrowbolt5
"I'm not Soundwave." Ever since the destruction of her home, Verdant had spent her life as a loyal Autobot soldier. She was Ultra Magnus's third in command...
Hunter and Prey (tfp Megatron x Mech!reader) [experimental](SLOW UPDATES) by InsomiaticFanatic
Hunter and Prey (tfp Megatron x Me...by Skylark
QUICK DISCLAIMER! I SUCK AT WRITING MEGATRON SO THIS IS MY ATTEMPTED AT IT! ANYHOOZLE OKAY BYE. ------ Transformers belongs to Hasbro and all art unless otherwise stated...
Cale in Transformers by YaoiYurishipper
Cale in Transformersby YaoiYurilover1827
After living a peaceful and somewhat slacker life Cale passed away in old age. Only to wake up as a child in another world. Cale was now Sam Witwicky and living a lazy l...
When the Sun goes Down - Transformers Prime Fanfic by Stars_that_Scream
When the Sun goes Down - Transform...by Em/Demonchild
Sundown is an autobot with a past she'd rather forget. When she was a sparkling she was tortured, the silver lines aren't 'beautiful markings' like everyone compliments...
A Mechanical Love by Ecat40
A Mechanical Loveby Ecat40
You had a pretty average life for a loser. But after your older brother passes away your father decides that being in the same small town is too much. So you move all th...
My Baby by TransformersRules
My Babyby StormBlazer
It started with a party and from there, it's all a blur. I don't know what happened but I do know one thing: I'm pregnant and I have no idea who the baby's daddy is.
TFP Autobot Parent Scenarios by CricketLuver
TFP Autobot Parent Scenariosby CricketLuver
Ever wonder what it would be like to be the adopted sparkling of one of the TFP Autobots? Well look no further, because in this book you'll fine out! I do NOT own the T...
Their Protector ((EDITING)) by nottodaybetchess
Their Protector ((EDITING))by nottodaybetchess
((TFP fanfic I've gone back into that phase)) After sleeping for millennia, a great beast that all thought went extint, arises. I dont own any of these characters but Y...
Family by LastLightAlive
Familyby Σ੧(❛□❛✿)
((Keep in mind that I wrote this years ago- so the writing is just cringe)) ---------- ((Child!Reader x Father!Optimus Prime)) ----------- "Hello, child. You know w...
Transformers One-Shots (Requests Closed) by Adsystle
Transformers One-Shots (Requests C...by Red
Some one-shots for ya kiddies . . . This is my first book...don't hate please ╥﹏╥
Transformers: One Shots by Unexplained_Council
Transformers: One Shotsby 🔪 Kitty Baby!! <33
{ REQUESTS CLOSED } These are one shots, hope you like! { P.S. Updates Will Be Slow, Keep In Mind This Is When I'm Bored } { AND NO LEMONS }
*{Wrenches and Kisses}* by Black_Paladin
*{Wrenches and Kisses}*by Black_Paladin
A transformers prime fanfic (Ratchet x Wheeljack) Ratchet wasn't your typical bar-goer, but tonight was an exception. After a hard day at work, he just wanted to unwin...
Royals and Renegades (tfp Wheeljack X Mech! reader) [SLOW UPDATES] by InsomiaticFanatic
Royals and Renegades (tfp Wheeljac...by Skylark
While Wheeljack was out searching for members of his old Wrecker crew he stumbles upon a distress signal of disturbing origins. "This is -kzzt- of Vos, we are -kzzt...
Transformers: Rise of the Beasts; The Heart of an Assassin and A Mother  by RemixGal
Transformers: Rise of the Beasts;...by 🐲LotusDragon🪷
Eva Storm is a beautiful woman, who seems to lead a rather regular life in Brooklyn, New York; for almost eight years now with her three year old adopted son, but unbekn...
{Their Innocent Soulmate} by ThyMoonQueen
{Their Innocent Soulmate}by TheLilyWritin'
{Yandere Transformers Prime Harem x Innocent minded female soulmate OC} The world seems light to some, some see darkness but some don't even see it, and are easily obliv...
Hidden Secrets by Mira2Faith
Hidden Secretsby The Mirage of Dreams
When a mysterious figure appears during a fight, the autobots and NEST are worried about who this figure could be. When the figure shows up and saves an autobot's life...
Transformers x Reader (On Hiatus) by I_escape_with_music
Transformers x Reader (On Hiatus)by Just A Buncha Garbo
(((REQUESTS Closed))) I've really gotten into Transformers! This is not like any of my other stories(only because this will be requests), but I hope you enjoy the OS and...
Transformers Prime - Reunions by JessicaMarie72
Transformers Prime - Reunionsby Jess
She's a scout with a clouded past that no one would want to experience themselves. But as she arrives on Earth for the second time, she finds someone she thought she'd n...
Transformers x reader one-shots by AssassinBlueX
Transformers x reader one-shotsby AssassinBlueX
All the autobots and decepticons here to love you and you only!
Transformers Prime: Amulet of Life (#1) [Completed] by Mac-reader2004
Transformers Prime: Amulet of Life...by Mac-reader2004
Lora Creed, a 15 year old girl, comes across a lost Cybertronian relic in the middle of Jasper, Nevada. She is totally unaware of what will happen to her life after that...