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Transformers Prime (Jack x Arcee)  by CopyNinja_15
Transformers Prime (Jack x Arcee) by CopyNinja_15
The Autobots finally return to Earth with the threat of the decepticons back. This story mainly focuses on Jack Darby and his realtionship with his partner Arcee. Will t...
Rise | Transformers Prime fanfic by agirlinsomefandoms
Rise | Transformers Prime fanficby Professional Fangirl
"Don't be surprised, I will still rise!" - Before Agent Fowler, Jack, Miko, and Raf met the Autobots and saw what the Decepticons were capable of, there was a...
Protected by snitchwolfff
Protectedby Narcissa
Alex Jessica Smith is a short 19 year old girl who is well built from lifting heavy metals while building cars. She has an iq of 509 that helps her carry a lot of inform...
The fallen, has risen by ASHERTHEWRITER2005
The fallen, has risenby Sergio Paredes
Instead of being completely annihilated by Unicron, starscream somehow was transported to an alternate universe. Unfortunately he is badly damaged, but a teenage human w...
The Unity Of Two by Emil678
The Unity Of Twoby Emilh
Once upon a time, Primus and Unicron got up to some funky business, had a creation and lived happily ever after. But then a war broke out. And their happy lives are shat...
Their Protector  by nottodaybetchess
Their Protector by nottodaybetchess
((TFP fanfic I've gone back into that phase)) After sleeping for millennia, a great beast that all thought went extint, arises. I dont own any of these characters but Y...
Arcee x Male Human Reader by MrWriter97
Arcee x Male Human Readerby MrWriter97
Y/N L/N a young man at the age of 20 whom grew up as an orphan never meeting his true parents. But his adoptive parents were good people and when he grew up and move fro...
Transformers Prime: Project Predacon by SummerLeighanne
Transformers Prime: Project --I-Live-To-Serve--
I was an AutoBot, once upon a time. Until Arcee and Cliffjumper ditched me. Those fragging idiots, I don't blame them, but I don't smell that bad, do I? There was this g...
Transformers Prime x Male Reader by SilverDemon5
Transformers Prime x Male Readerby SilverDemon5
This is one of my oldest fan fiction stories that I decided to revise and post. Also some parts will be longer or shorter than others. Y/N has been helping team prime si...
Silence of Brother by Erty_Vic
Silence of Brotherby Erty_
Transformers Prime fanfiction. First book of 'Brother' trilogy. New bot joins team Prime and he has dark past. What will he discover under a blanket of lies from his tea...
NOTORIOUS // TFP Arcee X Reader by WingedVigilante
NOTORIOUS // TFP Arcee X Readerby WingedVigilante
Life is rough. Not as rough as your criminal record, though. Released from prison not long ago, you're determined to integrate into the world better than before. You...
Darkness of the Soul by Misgel
Darkness of the Soulby Misgel
It was supposed to be a simple recon mission into an abandoned energon mine. Jack didn't expect for the Decepticons to be there, and for the mine to collapse. He didn't...
TFP | Spark Of Hope by ChorusPrime
TFP | Spark Of Hopeby Core (Hiatus)
A cybertronian stasis pod crashes on Earth, and the Autobots are the first to reach the pod. Inside they find a young helpless sparkling, they have no idea who her creat...
(TFP x Slime reader) A different kind of transformer by Poggering
(TFP x Slime reader) A different Poggering
After the explosion in the mines a ancient Beast is awoken.........we'll not that dramatic after the explosion it cracks the energon that you we're sealed in when you aw...
Your mine by Emxily__
Your mineby Emxily__
Optimus and Arcee want to shared a moment together that they haven't had in a long time
Guardian of the Dark(A Transformers Prime FanFiction) by Viking_Alaska
Guardian of the Dark(A Stephanie
This is the story of Dusk Nyx Nightingale. The guardian of the dark. Two years ago a God came seeking her aid. His name was Primus. He pleaded for her to save the last o...
🛠️ᴡʀᴇɴᴄʜᴇs ᴀɴᴅ ʜᴀᴍᴍᴇʀs🛠️ᴛʀᴀɴsғᴏʀᴍᴇʀs ᴘʀɪᴍᴇ🛠️ by Silver-Ashley
🛠️ᴡʀᴇɴᴄʜᴇs ᴀɴᴅ ʜᴀᴍᴍᴇʀs🛠️ᴛʀᴀɴsғᴏʀ sιℓvεя
"ᴵ ᴺᴱᴱᴰᴱᴰ ᵀᴴᴬᵀ!" Wʜᴇʀᴇ ᴀɴ ᴀʟᴍᴏꜱᴛ ꜱɪʟᴇɴᴛ ɢɪʀʟ ʙᴇғʀɪᴇɴᴅꜱ ᴛʜᴇ ɢʀᴜᴍᴘʏ ꜱᴀʀᴄᴀꜱᴛɪᴄ ᴍᴇᴅɪᴄ ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ Aᴜᴛᴏʙᴏᴛꜱ. [тrαɴѕғorмerѕ prιмe] [rαтcнeт ɢυαrdιαɴ] [ѕтαrтed: 16.04.1...
Transformers prime: faulty by Divine_God1
Transformers prime: faultyby Divine_God1
Faulty is based on the transformers prime series. The war for cybertron has raged for eons killing many autobots and decepticons. This is no exception for the wrecker E...
The Witch and the Robot by LoreDragon
The Witch and the Robotby Leo
Alice Thornwood is a modern-day witch who tries to live a life full of excitement and wonder, despite living in the world's least exciting and wonderous town, Jasper, Ne...
Enter Dante, The Rev-9: Book 3: Fate by DragonLord39
Enter Dante, The Rev-9: Book 3: DragonLord39
Separated from the others, Dante must fight his way back as Past and Future collide. Now the fight is not just for his future, but for the future of his planet and that...