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The Alpha's Hidden Prophecy ✅ by Nianni_m
The Alpha's Hidden Prophecy ✅by Nianni_m
Damon Alamander. He's not just an alpha, he is THE ALPHA. Every pack knows his name, every woman wants to be his Luna. He is rude and arrogant and feared and respecte...
Regina Malicious [Completed] by Stone_Rose_xoxo
Regina Malicious [Completed]by ✰𝕯𝖆𝖗𝖐𝕬𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑𒆜
They tried to burn her not knowing she is a flame yet to bloom. ★¡~:*°«°»°*:~¡★ Aerowyn Aurélie Beau. She is known for her sweet and caring nature. Witty comme...
Legend of the White Wolf by willowtree147
Legend of the White Wolfby ~Wanderlust~
Just when the world is about to get hectic between rouges and packs, the goddess promises a saviour to rescue the innocent and punish the evil. They will face many hards...
White As Snow  by SamShelly_
White As Snow by Sam Shelly
Never did I think that my life could take such a huge turn. But they didn't know that it takes more than a few to take me down for I am the White Wolf who has survived a...
The White wolf by Skycloud15
The White wolfby Pandora Butler
Moon, Is going for a ride on her horse into a dangerous forest. It becomes dark and she is being chased. Soon finding out she is a wolf and then soon after that she is...
Dynasty | Bucky Barnes [1] by HannahDottier
Dynasty | Bucky Barnes [1]by HannahDottier
"I am Princess Freya Odinsdottir of Asgard." "Okay, so there are three gods here?" "Yes." ...
SEARCHING HOME||B.B (TFATWS)  by officialcga
"You like her don't you?" Sam taunts like a kindergarten kid. "No" Bucky says defensively. "I don't like her. She's just...pretty" *** A...
Relentless by GhostinyourHead
Relentlessby GhostinyourHead
Relentless.... that's the way you would describe Bucky Barnes. After an 8 month recovery you're welcomed back, especially by Steve, to the Avengers compound. Bucky Barne...
Hydra's Daughter (Bucky x Reader) by hungergames-lover101
Hydra's Daughter (Bucky x Reader)by h🎀
Y/N is a daughter of Hydra. A skilled assassin brain washed into the world of murder and brute. She helps Bucky escape Hydra but he doesn't remember her, just her angeli...
Wakanda (Tchalla x Y/N) by sognatadocchiaperti
Wakanda (Tchalla x Y/N)by sognatadocchiaperti
I do NOT own anything from Civil War or The Black Panther, this is only a fanfic. All rights go to Marvel! I only added in my Y/N's character and her part. - Y/n was res...
Red eyed mate by LizzieNivans
Red eyed mateby Lizzie Nivans
After losing his family and pack are killed a rare wolf must be a rogue, years later he meets his mate who's the daughter of a certain alpha king (Sequel to A second cha...
Bucky Barnes x Reader Oneshots/Imagines - Unconditionally by whitedove56
Bucky Barnes x Reader Oneshots/Ima...by whitedove56
"You could pull any woman you wanted in a heartbeat, why wait on me?" you asked. "Because you're more than a woman to me, doll." James "Bucky&q...
Rebecca Barnes: Another Winter Soldier by TheCatGirl139
Rebecca Barnes: Another Winter Sol...by ꧁𝙺𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚊𝚗𝚊꧂
Rebecca "Becky" Barnes is the younger sister of James "Bucky" Barnes. When their parents died, she and her brother got separated, and Becky was sent...
Werewolf Bucky and the new recruit (On Hold) by Night_Watcher22
Werewolf Bucky and the new recruit...by Ghost Wolf
Bucky had no idea that he was a werewolf until he escaped hydra with the help of Sam and the avengers, he thought he was alone with being what he was since no one on the...
The Soldier and the Wolf by wintersoldier038
The Soldier and the Wolfby Wassup
Clara Peters always knew she had a life ahead of her. Of course, plans change when she is offered a job at S.H.I.E.L.D, or so she thought. Everything Clara thought she k...
SamBucky/WinterFalcon Oneshots! by Raythewriterforever
SamBucky/WinterFalcon Oneshots!by Ray Tag
Most will take place after FATWS, if not, I'll let you know!
Kidnapped Alpha Mate by sweetypie_nanah
Kidnapped Alpha Mateby Zelene Rose
Emmaline and Sophia were normal teenage girls leading a normal bland life. They had no idea that there was another world out there, not until Emmaline ran into him, lite...
Avengers Parent Preferences by Its_Bravo
Avengers Parent Preferencesby Bravo
Hello all my lovelies This Avenger parent preference book will consist of: Steve Rogers/ Captain America Tony Stark/ Iron Man Thor Odinson Clint Barton/ Hawkeye Bucky...
My Alpha Mate (complete) by theonlyhemmings
My Alpha Mate (complete)by theonlyhemmings
River Santiago daughter of the alpha of the Grayston pack. just turned 18. and is able to find her mate. Lowell Morgan. the current alpha the most feared pack the silve...
A Place for You & Me ・Bucky Barnes by Mocha_Gangsta
A Place for You & Me ・Bucky Barnesby Jasmine Allen
*Completed* This story follow James "Bucky" Barnes after The Avengers: Endgame. He tries to get back into society, but is too worried about his past. A girl, w...