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Once Upon A Wish  by Msylvini
Once Upon A Wish by
Dara has a crush on Brice. He's rich, handsome and popular descending from a prestigious line of rich, handsome and popular men. In a few months, their high school caree...
To Indeed Be a God by SummeroftheBear
To Indeed Be a Godby SummeroftheBear
Hey y'all 🧍‍♂️ this is my first published story so. Please don't bully me. Uh so ig this is a first girl at Welton type thing?? Maybe a Charlie Dalton love story?? Here...
INTWINED  by YOLOnotPrincess
a voodoo witch travels from africa to help the European vampires solve the murder of their people and the crown prince is her beloved...great don't copy my shit enjoy t...
Tear Me Apart by demiminiacc
Tear Me Apartby demiminiacc
Rachel at the age of 18 deals with a drunk abusive dad who's never there, two babies whom never stop crying, the racial judgment of the white washed town she lives in, p...
The RFK Files (Book Two) A Non-Fiction book by Robert Helliger by RobertHelliger
The RFK Files (Book Two) A Non-Fic...by RobertHelliger
The RFK Files (Book Two). The uncut and unedited Non-Fiction sequel to "The JFK Files" (Book One), about the assassination of US Attorney-General Robert "...
L O V E - Poetry of the Greats by outbriefcandle54
L O V E - Poetry of the Greatsby outbriefcandle54
A collection of great love poetry, chosen in no particular order or reason except that it spoke to me. I hope it speaks to you too. *Disclaimer: these works are not my o...
That Which You Love [ETERNALS] by Not_So_True_Alpha
That Which You Love [ETERNALS]by Kyra
"Protect that which you love." "What if I can't?" [ETERNALS | oc]
Deadass? (BWWM) by clairehthaclairertha
Deadass? (BWWM)by Mrs.Uzamaki☺️❤️
Jasmine is a 23 year old girl fresh out of college along with her best friend Kyla. One day these two girls decide to go clubbing, but while Jasmine is having the time o...
The Angel Of Death  by MrHanghim
The Angel Of Death by MÃX
Some say Angels and demons don't get along very much......some say that demons are the most evilest creatures. But what they don't know want hurt them....right?
RINO AND DEJA  by swallowhischildren
Déja Mùsa was a traveling Photographer who would always take pictures of everything that's beautiful in her eyes. She met a man named Rino Gallagher at a club, they were...
Hidden Mysteries by TangerineMendicant
Hidden Mysteriesby Caitlyn
Anya Thimes is just nineteen years old, but her life has been far from normal. For the past eight years, she has been hiding from the man who killed her parents. Now he...
Adopted by the Kingdom Keepers by COL_KK_FANFIC
Adopted by the Kingdom Keepersby KK_SISTERS
We know that in every twist and turn, shadow, and object there lies an Overtaker. We know that when the Keepers cross over each night their lives are threatened. Now, fl...
The library ( short story ) by HowAboutNo98
The library ( short story )by HowAboutNo98
Two girls but only one copy of Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman. They're both enrolled in a high school philosophy class at the prestigious Rallman High school for young...
Songs of the Reed by AlexAestivius
Songs of the Reedby Alex Aestivius
A repository of various poems that I have written over the years gathered into this publication. Influences range from Whitman, Ginsberg to Shakespeare and Milton and co...
Colors by SelimSeton
Colorsby Selim Selim
This story was inspired by Walt Whitman's poem A Song of Myself. He defines individualism and the unique experience as something transcendental to one objective truth. W...