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Dew & Blue (boyxboy) : COMPLETED by Fojushiii
Dew & Blue (boyxboy) : COMPLETEDby Fojushiii
WARNING: FANFICTION ONLY Zol is a confident BL writer who started to ship the cute new student named Blue with the bad-tempered hottie of their club named Dew in her new...
What happens when Saint Suppapong has a chance encounter with Prince Zee Pruk Panich, the Crown Prince of Thailand? What happens when they accidentally become roommates...
All About  #MaxNat by blopfan
All About #MaxNatby BLNoona
Just a collection of oneshots featuring my fave ship😍😍😍
Lost in your eyes🥰 season ✌ by AairaNoor
Lost in your eyes🥰 season ✌by AairaNoor
Hello friends! I am back and your favourite characters too. In the last season you will have seen Zee and Saint's love and the many obstacles they faced. But in this sea...
Fragments of Love: A ZaintSee Collection by aaxbbxx
Fragments of Love: A ZaintSee Coll...by aaxbbxx
Fluff, smut, angst, smut, happy, sad and did I mention smut? 18+ 🥵 Enjoy the waves of ZaintSee's passion. PLEASE NOTE EACH "CHAPTER" IS A STAND ALONE STORY! R...
A crazy lovely song. Just like the crazy, lovely Vongviphans. DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters but the plot belong to me. Has gay content. Do not read if you don'...
Our Two Moons || (Saifah x Zon) by moonsaifahzon
Our Two Moons || (Saifah x Zon)by g
[saifah x zon soulmate au] Everyone has 2 unique marks - one identical one they share with their soulmate and the other they share with their greatest enemy. Some people...
Phantom Pain [BL - SaifahZon]    //COMPLETED// by ImaginativeOwl
Phantom Pain [BL - SaifahZon]...by ImaginativeOwl
My take on what would have happened if Zon wakes up in a world where his relationship with Saifah was only a dream. Characters belong to CandyOn's "Why R U" s...
Lucky Star by BeMainLuzixx
Lucky Starby BeMainLuzixx
Good night, Bright. Hope you do well with your quiz tomorrow. - Saint Bright, you need to come and see me play basketball practice tomorrow. After all, you are my boyfri...
Why R U the Series by BLHavenMedia
Why R U the Seriesby AchillesNoHeart
The novel (English Translation by @By_Haruhi and English Retelling by myself) and the series are two entirely different experiences. While they compliment each other, th...
White Lies by letmewritethewords
White Liesby Lís
Blue has a confession to make. A BlueDew short story.
Secret Lover [One Shot] by Cupcake123108
Secret Lover [One Shot]by Cupcake
There is this secret lover, who is utterly in love with gulf. Who never shies away to show it. Gulf seems to be in a state where is he already fell for the secret lover...
Why R U FF - FighterTutor (BL Oneshot collection) by mitchiko3
Why R U FF - FighterTutor (BL Ones...by mitchiko3
A collection of short stories which crossed my fujoshi mind in need for more content on the BL couple FighterTutor after the end of the Thai show 'Why R U the series' ~...
Cause You're the One for Me (Why R U)  by shunshynie
Cause You're the One for Me (Why R...by siopao
Japan, the vice president of the University's football club. His life is just normal as other student but everything turns up side down when his brother's bestfriend int...
Cause You're the One for Me by shunshynie06
Cause You're the One for Meby picaToy
This is the continuation story of Japan and TanThai in WHY RU THE SERIES Note: THIS IS NOT THE REAL STORY IT'S A 0URE FICTION FROM AUTHOR'S WILD MIND
Let's bake love  by wendyvanhemert
Let's bake love by wendy van hemert
Zon starts working at a bakery, where he meets someone he would rather avoid. Saifah finds one of Tutor's friends interesting, but ends up annoying him accidentally.
Fighter Tutor A Twist With Destiny by fujoshibysoul
Fighter Tutor A Twist With Destinyby
fanfiction fighter x tutor, zee x saint. What will happen when tutor breaks up with fighter and they meet after one year. Please leave your precious comments and like th...
Crushes Fade, Love Stays by IWishPandasHadWings
Crushes Fade, Love Staysby IWishPandasHadWings
WhyRU the series fan fiction: In a world where Zol had never written a novel about Saifah and Zon, Fai had never flirted with Zon, and where Saifah was just Tutor's popu...
love, s | saifzon  by milkssy
love, s | saifzon by milkssy
i love you, he said. that's when i realized what i would lose if i didn't say it back.
BL One shots by Toradoraisamazing
BL One shotsby Toradoraisamazing
One shots for all of my favourite bl pairings - tincan - aepete - saifahzon