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witchcraft and spells by wat_Ru_Doing_Stpbro
witchcraft and spellsby wat_Ru_Doing_Stpbro
hello and welcome to my book of witchcraft. this will show you stuff like how to make spells, what each spell does, and answers any questions you may have. please, if yo...
Witchy QnAs & More: Ask me Questions on Witchcraft! by _UNCHAINED_
Witchy QnAs & More: Ask me Questio...by Fraeya
A collection of witchy tips & tricks for newbies, budget witches, urban witches, magick on-the-go and broom closet dwellers. Ask me anything about witchcraft and I will...
Modern Witchcraft: Beginners Guide by _UNCHAINED_
Modern Witchcraft: Beginners Guideby Fraeya
Do you want to practise witchcraft but don't know where to start? Do you find it all too confusing? Maybe you've been practising for a while and want to go back to basic...
The Enticing Bloom by Ashe_Hime
The Enticing Bloomby Synclaire Battle
Her very exsistence draws all maddening creatures to her. Like a moth to a flame, it burns. Revealing the wrath and beauty bestowed upon her since she could remember. An...
Moonrocks & Shadowdancing  by SaylemHendricks
Moonrocks & Shadowdancing by Saylem Hendricks
A young witch foresees her unfortunate doom in a trance she falls under on New Year's Eve and becomes aware of the knowledge that her days are numbered. Every day until...
My Apothecary  by octoberbound
My Apothecary by
A simple guide for myself and others to learn and remember what miscellaneous materials are best used for in your spiritual practice, in alphabetical order.
Follow the wiccan's  spirit by Sakurabecky
Follow the wiccan's spiritby Rebecca Breault
This story is about a young girl finding her spirit guide. And being able to see and talk with the dead. As she continues her journey she unlocks her powers and is able...
Witch by KyleLuraas
Witchby Kyle Luraas
Read to find out.
Wren's Grimiore by IfIWasntYours
Wren's Grimioreby Wren
A Baby Witch's Grimiore. Feel free to ask or give advice! If you discover something that I did not properly note down or should add something to the notes, feel free to...
Tarot Journal: Divine Daily Readings by EtherealMermaid97
Tarot Journal: Divine Daily Readin...by Viktoria Pagan
Daily tarot readings for the soul. Join me on this adventure to see what the divine has in store for you and how you can access your full potential. The topics that will...
My First Coven by Major2501
My First Covenby Georgina Thomassen
Madelyn Taylor thinks she's nothing special. She's just trying to get through boarding school one day at a time. But after many strange occurrences, sleeplessness, daydr...
Love Bites! by TheRealDRemi
Love Bites!by D. Remi
Let the record show that I've done everything in my power NOT to be a total loser. I'm an average student, a decent daughter, I've played by the rules. Not that it's eve...
Witchcraft by gay_gurl69
Witchcraftby ahahahahahah
this is a book about witchcraft as you can see from the title I have seen alot of books on here that aren't true so here I have been a witch for 2 years DISCLAMER!!!! I...
So Mote it Be by _Alex_11037
So Mote it Beby
Okie Dokie, let's go. This is a book I wrote for school in 8th grade, so don't judge me. ;-; 14-year-old Madison Lilac is a practitioner of witchcraft. She is starting h...
The First Book of Interruption by Dewa Gero (Transcribed by JC Hanna) by jonathanhanna1975
The First Book of Interruption by...by JC Hanna
This is the story that one man was brave enough to tell. For his efforts, he was virtually erased from history. This is also the story that no one is brave enough to rea...
The Book of Shadows of a Broom Closet Dweller by _UNCHAINED_
The Book of Shadows of a Broom Clo...by Fraeya
Tips & Tricks to Survive the Broom Closet: Those who hide their true magickal identities from friends & family are known as dwellers in "the broom closet". Man...
Creepypasta experiences/encounters  by llunarmoonyy
Creepypasta experiences/encounters by lunar
Hi this is just a book of my experiences with the pastas and my information that ive gathered over the years this is also my first story so i know it sucks
Lady of The Knight  by muselouvre
Lady of The Knight by ♡
Meet Love Phoenix, a young witch from New Orleans who attend a school of magick in a dimension named Four Lands. Adventures and struggles erupt as soon as she arrived wh...
Ariadne's magic by Sh7d0w
Ariadne's magicby Faye
"UGH!" Ariadne exclaimed, "Why can't I get this stupid equation right!!" Her paper burst into flames. The end. /J Follow Ariadne's story as a 15 y...
Mansy's Grimoire of Stuff : )  by MansyXManson
Mansy's Grimoire of Stuff : ) by Mansy
grimoire of stuff ᛉ🧿ᛉ may every tongue that shall rise up against me fall