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Ask Or Dare GravityFalls/ReverseFalls{ ASK OR DARE REQUESTS CLOSED!! by IcxMii
Ask Or Dare GravityFalls/ReverseFa...by Zi
Art not mine :3 I NAO PRESENT THEE, Mai furst ask or dare book! Yey! (\^ω^/) The plot is based off of Yalls asks or dares, which means, ships will only happen based off...
willdip billdip dares (Questions As Well) by InsaneWriterMe
willdip billdip dares (Questions A...by Annette
ask any dares there is no limits to the question or dares
Willdip one shots! by middlekid333
Willdip one shots!by Ms.Rant-a-lot
I've been getting request on this, I thought it'd be fun!
Reverse Falls: Triangle switch by KrayKwen
Reverse Falls: Triangle switchby Kai Amachi
Bill & Will switch dimensions. How will they get back to there own, and will they want to? (this is before the show ended, idk a good place for this to start. Also all a...
•Ask & Dare Billdip & Willdip• by gachapixel
•Ask & Dare Billdip & Willdip•by gachapixel
So I wanted to do a ask and dare Billdip and Willdip for a while now so here it is! art isn't mine (for once I didn't want to draw the art this time .-.) characters dose...
Heart Monitor (Willdip) by SnoopyWoodstock9
Heart Monitor (Willdip)by The Legion
A sad Willdip story I made. It was a day like any other in Reverse Falls when Dipper Gleeful collapses during a show, Mabel and Will are at his side. Onc...
I'm sorry (Willdip) by AxieWasTaken
I'm sorry (Willdip)by Galactic
This story was made in 2017 and hasn't been updated since. We were 14 at the time, please don't be too harsh. Disclaimer: None of the pictures are mine! Will sniffled, w...
The Gang Leader's Pet {WillDip} by Baby_Blue__Boy
The Gang Leader's Pet {WillDip}by ~ Grey ~
Will Cipher is new to the school of gravity falls, but regardless of the warnings he has received from numerous peers, he somehow falls into Mason's hands. Mason gleeful...
Meet Sill, she is part of the Cipher triplets. Will, Bill, and Sill. This story ain't about her though, it's about her and her oneshot abilities! While you got BillDip...
Unable by Wilted_
Unableby Wilted_
I've published around four chapters in my previous account, but have decided to bring Unable into existance on my active account. This is a WillDip fanfiction, but it d...
Everything is Blue by AnimeYaoi1234
Everything is Blueby William/Willow
A story about William Cipher. When he was summon and made a contract with Mason Gleeful and Mabel Gleeful. Will started to have feelings for Mason Gleeful. Will Mason h...
Deciphering The Ciphers by FandomFam_ILY
Deciphering The Ciphersby Gay Rainbows
BillDip, some WillDip,and drama in one tiny taco shell.
Our secret love| Willdip by Cielismysenpai
Our secret love| Willdipby Random_fanfics_yay
A romance between a demon and his master, sounds simple but can easily be an almost deadly secret. So what'll happen when Mason finds out Wills feelings? And will their...
Getting Together by DeathGale
Getting Togetherby Sky Dawn
This is a Gravity Falls fanfic sporting a few AU's I've read recently. The Pines brothers are all triplets and Mabel is there older sister by a few minutes. Dipper, Maso...
Will Cipher x Dipper Pines one shots.  by soft_ghost_
Will Cipher x Dipper Pines one sho...by soft_ghost_
this is Will Cipher (reverse Bill) and ORIGINAL Dipper one shots. don't like don't read.
Trapped~ a WillDip Fanfic  by ChildOfYeesus
Trapped~ a WillDip Fanfic by EmO TrASh
Will has been working at the gleeful manner since Mason and Mabel's first visit to Gravity Falls. Now the twins live there and basically control all of the town. Will is...
Cipher Soulmate by Khloe_Levette
Cipher Soulmateby Khloe
When you turn 16 a tattoo might appear on your arm , the tattoo means you are one of the cipher soulmate. What will happen if this tattoo appears on Dipper? Read to find...
Empire by Blessed_by_Hypnos
Empireby Jordan Lynn
Something even stranger occurred in Gravity Falls, and because of that, Dipper and Mabel Pines ended in another dimension: Reverse Falls. But for you to understand bette...