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Protection (Drarry) by agentmoppet
Protection (Drarry)by agentmoppet
In the months after Voldemort's death, Draco Malfoy comes to live with Harry Potter under witness protection. But Draco seems somehow different, and Harry is determined...
Requiem for a Soldier (Requiem #1) by ellelawrence
Requiem for a Soldier (Requiem #1)by Ellie Lawrence
A disfigured veteran hiding from the world and the young woman who found him. 2019 Watty Award Winner - Romance After suffering extensive injuries in Afghanistan from an...
Requiem for a Love (Requiem #2) [ON HOLD] by ellelawrence
Requiem for a Love (Requiem #2) [O...by Ellie Lawrence
*Spoilers for Requiem for a Soldier, the first book in this series* ~Kinda-sorta on hiatus while I figure out where the story has been so I can figure out where it will...
Gone by TrueToMyNorth
Goneby North
Once she felt safe sleeping with the lights off... But that feeling is gone now --- Elody Dawson, a private person with a private life. Secluded in witness protection, s...
My Safe Place by Criminalminds_addict
My Safe Placeby CmWriter
As Will, JJ's boyfriend, begins to abuse her. She turns to one of her most trusted friends to help her. When Will realizes whats going on, he takes matters into his own...
Hidden Away(Being Rewritten In A New Version)  by annaprinsloo
Hidden Away(Being Rewritten In A N...by Angelique
I got this idea from the author - shayschiesler, but all the writing is mine. ##### Sang is on the run, having been a key witness to a case against her own family. She...
one last second chance  by KaelynHalyk
one last second chance by Kaelyn Halyk
what will Amy and the family do when a few simple from lyndy turn out to be a shocking revelation well this become the new Family secret?
Time I Went Home (a Stiles is the son of the Joker story)  by Solivagant_Wander
Time I Went Home (a Stiles is the...by Kenny
Stiles knew the gig was up when he saw the green hair menace of Gotham standing in the middle of the loft. The Crown Prince of Crime had the biggest grin Stiles had seen...
Cabenson   Alex/June Cabot +Olivia benson by baustin27
Cabenson Alex/June Cabot +Olivia...by Bonesofthestars
Alexandra Cabot became Emily who became June. June or Alex are having trouble adjusting again after leaving her ny identity leaving everyone being declared officially...
Who Killed Cock Robin? | ongoing by symphonia-
Who Killed Cock Robin? | ongoingby tina
It's hard to avoid becoming part of a crime when you work against it. Credit to @smolseal for current cover!
Where We've Been by nelinor
Where We've Beenby Nelly
Haley has been to hell and back. For months, she was held prisoner by a pair of notorious serial killers who slaughtered her family and kept her alive as their own pers...
My new life by KunoStepp
My new lifeby Kuno Stepp
My new life, as a survivor.
A Work In Progress by avid_reader102
A Work In Progressby avid_reader102
{COMPLETED BOOK} Yana Alderidge's life isn't an ordinary one to say the least. She is a rich, smart, pretty heir to a multimillion pound estate. As she discovers the tr...
Ways Of Disappearing|| Contest entry by LilyEvqns32
Ways Of Disappearing|| Contest ent...by Lily
This is for @JaneConquestBackup 's 100k follower contest. Everyday of Caroline's life, since the moment she hit 12, was different. There was no specific time. She had to...
Keep Quiet by smiliegirl1992
Keep Quietby smiliegirl1992
Ka- Camryn (her name is Camryn now!) saw something she shouldn't have and now she's running for her life. So is Derek. They may as well run together, right? Unless Dere...
lost girl by SamanthaGriffin7
lost girlby Samantha Griffin
A year ago Alicia had her world tore upside down. She lost her father her friends and life as she knew it now she lives in fear for her life day to day. She is a lost gi...
By Any Other Name by ellianarosaia
By Any Other Nameby Elliana
Bennett Davis is in witness protection for his safety, after his mother's murder a year ago. Him and his father have been separated as a result of this, and have limited...
The Long Road back by SkylarStudios
The Long Road backby katelyn Hilton
"I have nothing left anymore!" "That's not true" "Everything has been taken from me!" "No...
Wrong Kind Of by something111
Wrong Kind Ofby something111
New name, new place, new faces, but the same memories. A girl deeply wounded. A boy trying to fix it. But the thing with wounds, they always scar. Gia is an average gi...