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He With The Jewel Eyes // A Grey Harry Potter - Time Travel AU by shutiitt_real
He With The Jewel Eyes // A Grey H...by An Idiot Insomniac
There is nothing left in the future. Muggles kill all magical whether they be wizards or creatures. Hogwarts has fallen. Harry Potter is the only living magical left 10...
Sudden Love ➢ Harmione by LilithSkyeLight
Sudden Love ➢ Harmioneby Lilith ☆
Harry took her hand in his own and intertwined their fingers, ignoring the strange feeling within himself. Her hands.. were soft. Instead he said, "Talk to him. Som...
Throne of Magic by 64528ng
Throne of Magicby ange
Helena LeFay is a prodigy. She's beautiful, smart, talented. But she has a well of secrets, one that spans centuries and continents. When the Goblet of Fire announces he...
Harry Potter and His Powerfully Unknown Royal Inheritance by SalazarSlytherin123
Harry Potter and His Powerfully Un...by Salazar Slytherin
10-year-old Harry was on the verge of death from the rashful and excruciatingly wrongful beatings from his Uncle. What happens when Harry gets this mysterious letter fro...
The House of Black by lilky1213
The House of Blackby grace m.
The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black, was without an heir. That was at least until Leonis Regulus Black, came along. Son of Regulus Arcturus Black and Rosé Emilia M...
The Rebirth of the Wizarding World by HARSHGODLOL
The Rebirth of the Wizarding Worldby HARSHGODLOL
What happens if at the night of the Halloween 1981, Harry Potter was not present on Godric's Hollow? Where was he ? What happens to the wizarding world? (Bad summary bet...
Laws of Attraction. Witch Weekly Exclusive.  by TheSilverScriptor
Laws of Attraction. Witch Weekly E...by The Silver Scriptor
Witch Weekly Article. Are Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger secretly dating?
The Trial (A Draco One-shot) by fanficlockwod123
The Trial (A Draco One-shot)by LoveExisting
This is my take on the prompt - "Imagine your favorite dark character is put on trial, how would they justify their actions?" that I wrote back in 2019 and stu...
Objection! || Drarry by padfootspensieve
Objection! || Drarryby h
after the war, harry spoke at draco's trials. but what really happened? objection! will give an inside look at wizarding law and court proceedings (with a hint of romanc...