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Dragon Lover | B X B X B X B by buttercuppoptop
Dragon Lover | B X B X B X Bby kodabaye
He gained a crush on three dragon-shifters of three warring tribes and received the same feelings. Now he could be the key to bringing an end to an ancient war. Too bad...
Blood + Tears (all 15) by Azallya
Blood + Tears (all 15)by Lya
Arcadia is a kingdom where shifters are everywhere. Everyone has an animal form, but everyone thinks that little Sang Sorenson doesn't have an animal form. Her inability...
A new world in the archipelago  by GotchaMutcha
A new world in the archipelago by Mutcha Man
After the attack of the Rumblehorn Hiccup finds a cave that wasn't in theyre island before so after entering he finds a new secret that for them was a drem but for the o...
GATE: Journey in the New World by Dom2040
GATE: Journey in the New Worldby Dom2040
Following the demise of a great empire, the New World experienced temporary peace, but the cycle of fear and death continued until fate decided to intervene, and it beca...
Drago's Family by SolacePrime1234
Drago's Familyby SolacePrime1234
After Drago destroyed the B.T system and won the battle with Helios, he thought that maybe, just maybe, he can finally let his guard down a little, being surrounded by f...
To Trust a Witcher by TheDoppler
To Trust a Witcherby TheDoppler
After nearly a year on the run, Princess Cirilla of Cintra has finally found Geralt of Rivia. Now, they are on their way to Kaer Morhen, where Geralt and the rest of the...
Wyld Heart (Blood Moon 1) by AJSCURRAH
Wyld Heart (Blood Moon 1)by A.J. Scurrah
Forsaken by the one person who was supposed to love her unconditionally, Red must brave the magic and monsters of the Wylds to find her true place in the world. ...
Fire And Love by ValentinaYEAHHH
Fire And Loveby ValentinaYEAHHH
In a world filled with dragons and mystery, Ghost in only in it for the count and how many bullets he has to put in someone. That was until he met Soap Mactavish. Now...
Imperial by SilverDragonRider
Imperialby SilverDragonRider
Slave to humans all her life, Argentum longs for freedom. When an opportunity finally arises, she finally escapes alongside Rutilus. But in the wild, one needs to know h...
Draygon Inferno | Book 2 | ✔️ by Prisim
Draygon Inferno | Book 2 | ✔️by Queen of the Gummy Bears
The key to proving Siobhan's innocence lies within the highlands, a home she never thought she'd see again. Siobhan isn't sure she's ready to confront the past that's hu...
Draygon Frost | Book 1  | ✔️ by Prisim
Draygon Frost | Book 1 | ✔️by Queen of the Gummy Bears
To hell with everyone. That's Siobhan's motto. Not even her loyal mentor Elias can strip her of her desire to barter passage to Ardorn where she can live without fear...
Silent Flight by CrystalTheNeko
Silent Flightby Chris Wolfblood
Far from any known parts, far from the Solor and Kazaras, far from spirits, elf and dragons, far from anything. Far up north where ice floats across the ocean in blocks...
The Hidden Lives of Monsters by Landiahazak
The Hidden Lives of Monstersby NOT a porcupine
Anyone who has played any Monster Hunter game will have probably noticed at some point that the ways these so called "monsters" act are strangely familiar, wit...
RWBY X Godzilla: Return of the King (In Editing)  by RekoandCompany
RWBY X Godzilla: Return of the Kin...by Unknown
While Beacon being attack by the army of Grimms. It awaking something...... The King of the Monster and Grimm. Note: I didn't own RWBY or Godzilla. And also I changed G...
Wyvern of the Wind by theFAngK1NG
Wyvern of the Windby theFAngK1NG
"A wyvern borne of feathered flight, shall rid the darkness of its glory" "So...what shall we name him?" "...Aether." Aether was a wyvern...
Discover L (Book 2)  by EscapeInFiction
Discover L (Book 2) by EscapeInFiction
~~•~~ Sequel to Unknown L ~~•~~ "Are they alive, or not?" After surviving the battle of her life, things seemed to have settled down for L. She now has a fami...
Monster Hunter When Fantasy Comes To Life by Landiahazak
Monster Hunter When Fantasy Comes...by NOT a porcupine
Probably one of the most successful video game franchises in recent years, Monster Hunter has always been a series that has captured the imagination of many people with...
Izuku, The Wyvern of All by CaleTheReviewer
Izuku, The Wyvern of Allby Cale Honyust
Will add a description another day, just know that this is a My Hero Academia crossover with Monster Hunter. *MHA is owned by Kohei Horikoshi* *Monster Hunter is owned b...
A fast-changing life by nathansasser
A fast-changing lifeby nathan sasser
"It's time, isn't it girl. Today I dawn my scales, spread my wings, and with you as my guide, fly." Nathan's life seemed profoundly complicated for a kid his a...
Apex [Imperial: Book 2] by SilverDragonRider
Apex [Imperial: Book 2]by SilverDragonRider
Book 2 of the Imperial series. Please read the new version of the first book first. With Kronx crowned as the new Dragon King, Argentum should have been able to relax a...