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whatever! // xikers gc by ode-verse
whatever! // xikers gcby fuma simp ❤️🇵🇸
jinsik and sumin introduce their friends to one another [ xikers text au ]
Promise || Yejun by SmileFlower0017
Promise || Yejunby Estelle
Yechan and Yujun grew up together due to their parents being close. But one day, everything went downhill when Yujun's house caught fire. Yechan's parents rushed in to s...
drunken bastards | ateez chatroom by 81_froyos
drunken bastards | ateez chatroomby dangdang
proncess: fuck no im outta here ---- Just a bunch of overly immature (homo) dudes texting each other. ateez chatroom/ groupchat fic. jongsang\seongjoong\yungi\woosan. o...
Junminjae : Those Last Words. by cchwonn
Junminjae : Those Last Words.by fai ⋆
an unexpected reunion between a boy who is introverted with stranger and a boy who people keep calling him 'weird' and 'killer' trying to get along with him. ❝ thank you...
ᴀᴄᴄɪᴅᴇɴᴛᴀʟʟʏ - ZB1 x Male OC by HarveyKpop
ᴀᴄᴄɪᴅᴇɴᴛᴀʟʟʏ - ZB1 x Male OCby HarveyKpop
In which Jiwon accidentally gets added to his older brothers group chat and meets his friends. Socmed AU Maybe a little bit school AU but since it takes place on Social...
"it all started a while back, a friend group of 8 boys happily making music and dancing together in an warehouse. the world and time stopped for them when they were...
' underestimated ; seongjoong , by _yxnhx
' underestimated ; seongjoong ,by _yxnhx
- kim hongjoong; a successful CEO and lawyer - park seonghwa; a man trying to get justice started -04.27.22 ended - p.s this is my first ff so bare with me
TR!CK OR H!K€ | Xikers Chatroom, Incorrect Quotes by AntifragileQueencard
TR!CK OR H!K€ | Xikers Chatroom, I...by SUPER FEARLESS
In which xikers comes together and cause chaos in a chatroom! Started: 19th April 2023 Ended:___
Red Thread || Hunjae by SmileFlower0017
Red Thread || Hunjaeby Estelle
"There is an invisible red thread that connects us to those we are destined to meet. Regardless of time, place or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle...
Because || Woojung by SmileFlower0017
Because || Woojungby Estelle
Hyunwoo and Junghoon met one morning. They liked each other so much but thought it would never happen. Until they found out they were joining the same agency.
❛ 𝕽〭,𝗼᷆𝗰⃪𝙺𝙎𝘁꯭𝗮𐙕𐒖⭒〪〪〪    ⌇   𝗼𝗰 𝗴𝗿𝗼𝘂𝗽 by ARSONISTBONES
❛ 𝕽〭,𝗼᷆𝗰⃪𝙺𝙎𝘁꯭𝗮𐙕𐒖⭒〪〪〪 ⌇...by ARSONISTBONES
where a duo of rivals who were robbed from a successful debut are willing to unite forces and fight to tooth and nail to secure high ground in the competitive idol indus...
My rummored roomate by scoupswfe
My rummored roomateby Hannah
hiiiii Sorry for the trouble at my first book, i didn't and still NOT know how to use wattpad. And if anyone know how to change the setting while reading a book to inste...
나를 지워 | Erase Me | Horror |⏳🍃 ✅ by Hazoo_Shigeta
나를 지워 | Erase Me | Horror |⏳🍃 ✅by Jamessu_NT
Started : 23.06.01 Competed : 23.07.14 Collab : Txt,The boyz,Xikers & The wind Top : Txt Category : Horror | Teen fiction Ranks...
- xikers imagines! • by okygyu
- xikers imagines! •by ay-yo
xikers one shots & imaginessss! i've never wrote imagines or one shots before so have mercy on meeeee but anyways i ammmm taking requests though ' :))) - fluff!! - no s...
K-Pop Oneshots, Reactions & Scenarios by _luuuluuu
K-Pop Oneshots, Reactions & Scenar...by LuLu
This book will consist of: - reader x idol - idol x idol - poly (between either just idols or idols x reader) - many different genres such as fluff, angst, crossover...
A Intro To Xikers ✅ by UltraAquarian
A Intro To Xikers ✅by Blindspot
Info on the new Kpop group Xikers !!! Previously known as KQ Fellas 2. Source: Kprofiles.com