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 English Words || ✔✔ by grazzziee
English Words || ✔✔by HG
Different english words and different meaning. In my book, i have many words in there to read. It's include acronyms. ®Copyright All Right Reserved 2017
Hard To Get by amperfectlyHigh14
Hard To Getby ImmovableApology
About a girl who can't move on. How long will it gonna take her?
When SHE Left by mallowdrools
When SHE Leftby mallowdrools
Letting go the most important girl in everyone's life, your mother.
Way back in the Past by ButterYhan
Way back in the Pastby Fiinie
This story is based on my imagination and my thoughts., and this story is an inspired story of To be continued and W. I hope you will like it. Ciao.♥
Love is Real by anzil44
Love is Realby Angeline heart
When it all started with a bet its just a one bet but you feel that its easy because you can't fall for him and he can't fall for you so it's opposite attracts but you...
Pain (one shot) by jhayemhielle
Pain (one shot)by jhayemhielle
When someone promise to be with you and just left you without explanation, will you just accept it or chase for them?
Love Like A Rose by BlackDeathVampire
Love Like A Roseby BlackDeathVampire
Rjaziim fell in love with Tristan but didn't know their is saying "LOVE IS LIKE A ROSE" It may be hurt for Rjaziim but still ahe's trying to do something so t...
My Life by CertifiedMinam
My Lifeby Pig Rabit ng A.N.JELL<3
Hey!I don't care if you're going to read this,bcoz it's just only a "Libangan" for me:3 this is my mini diary.thehehe •﹏•♡
Dear Diary by cmaigne08
Dear Diaryby cmaigne08
This is my diary...:) whuahaha not serious though..
what if you need to choose between your past and present... who will you choose.... the past.... you have so many sacrifices...because your love is true.... or the p...
One Wrong Move  by Nyllyn11
One Wrong Move by Nyllyn11
One Wrong Move In a General Term .. Dahil sa hindi sinasadyang Pangyayari na sa huli babagsak ka saan?? kanino pa ba sa isa lang namang Antipatiko .. na lalaki na anak...
Creepin' by Carlaine0207
Creepin'by Carlaine0207
A story of a girl who is longed for someone's attention. A girl who begs for enthrallment. What she gets will surely shock you.
The Perfectionist by EmzPabz
The Perfectionistby Emman Kenneth Pabalan
A girl who have everything. A student with a positive mind. A lady with a charming beauty. A woman searching for nothing. Can she be the perfect person she always dreame...
Love Hurts, Love Endures by user80049173
Love Hurts, Love Enduresby BloodyRose🔪🌹
About a beautiful girl, a half-korean, half-pinoy who is from Korea that just got transfered in school of philippines. She met a fine man, her classmate.