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The boy with the tattoos(Yoonmin) *Completed* #Wattys2019 by RosetheK
The boy with the tattoos(Yoonmin)...by RosetheK
Yoongi, a 17 year old teenager that moves to a new town filled with magic. He doesn't have powers but he didn't care until he meets a boy that not only helps him find hi...
The Angelic wolf (Yoonmin) *Completed* by RosetheK
The Angelic wolf (Yoonmin) *Comple...by RosetheK
Jimin is a rare wolf that doesn't have a pack. He roams around in order not to get caught by humans. However, he goes on another packs territory and the head Alpha isn't...
The Vampire & The Mistress(Yoonmin) *completed* by RosetheK
The Vampire & The Mistress(Yoonmin...by RosetheK
Yoongi is a 700 year old vampire that does want he wants without caring about anyone. His father believes that he needs a bride, which Yoongi disagrees with but a certai...
Best Of Me [YoonMin]  by xxsnapdragon
Best Of Me [YoonMin] by xxsnapdragon
~Book Trailer in Author's Note~ "So then, what's the cure?" "There is no cure..only medicine to keep me stable." "Do they work? The meds?"...
The annoying Sugar Daddy (Yoonmin) *Completed* by RosetheK
The annoying Sugar Daddy (Yoonmin)...by RosetheK
Jimin was dragged against his will to a sugar baby event by his best friend and now he has a sugar daddy following him around. Jimin does everything to avoid him but not...
She's a very pretty girl (Yoonmin) by RosetheK
She's a very pretty girl (Yoonmin)by RosetheK
Jimin by a accident gets turned into a girl every once in a while and that lands him into trouble when Min the player tries to get him. Contains *language* *boyxboy* Sid...
My love for a human (Yoonmin) *Completed* by RosetheK
My love for a human (Yoonmin) *Com...by RosetheK
Jimin is a hybrid that was mistreated by his old master and because of that he is petrified of humans. While in a adoption center, he got adopted by a man who he knows i...
The Alpha's Prince | Yoonmin | by BananaArmyFromHell
The Alpha's Prince | Yoonmin |by Fire Bananas
"W-why... have you... b-been stalking me?" "Stalking?! I'm not stalking you... it's just a must to see you." - Someone has been watching Jimin in the...
Mine only | Yoonmin by PlsPassTheHolyWater
Mine only | Yoonminby PlsPassTheHolyWater
Yoongi finds himself starting to feel more possessive and protective over a certain band mate
EDEN | Yoonmin by orangexmint
EDEN | Yoonminby | Angry Bird |
"It's you...the man from my dreams. You're real," Plagued with nightmares of drowning in lakes and being pushed from cliffs by mysterious men, Jimin is haunted...
Now you're mine. [Yoonmin] by sassyfronkeh
Now you're mine. [Yoonmin]by sassyfronkeh
Jimin is homeless and innocent while Yoongi is in a dangerous gang where they capture people to entertain themselves. Chaos ensues... Yoonmin / Namjin / Taekook / (you c...
Lil meow meow - Yoonmin by jemmargh
Lil meow meow - Yoonminby Jemmargh
Min Yoongi is a hybrid little who's living on the streets after running away. Jimin, an author, finds Yoongi and instantly takes an interest. The two quickly form a bo...
The King's toy (Yoonmin) *Completed* by RosetheK
The King's toy (Yoonmin) *Complete...by RosetheK
The King's heart belonged to one man, Hoseok. But after a "accident", his heart found another. *Strong language *Violence *boyxboy *mention of self harm This i...
•Yoonmin• Royal Secret by -Hayuri-
•Yoonmin• Royal Secretby RirenHeichou
The bickering gets worse by each minute from the royal couple...if they regarded themselves as one. "Why bother forcing me becoming your partner if you don't even l...
𝙒𝙝𝙮 𝙘𝙖𝙣𝙩 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙨𝙚𝙚 || 𝙮.𝙢 by that_hobi_lying
𝙒𝙝𝙮 𝙘𝙖𝙣𝙩 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙨𝙚𝙚 || �...by taetae heartu
This story is a about a boy called jimin who caught feelings with his friend. Only problem is that his bestfriend aka his crush likes a guy name hoseok. What will happen...
Vlive || YoonMin FF by louisgabriela7
Vlive || YoonMin FFby .
"You kissed in front of thousands of people, and your telling me you're not embarrassed?" "No, Why would I?" "H-hyung, i-it was an accident!&quo...
new years [ yoonmin ] by diordoyoung
new years [ yoonmin ]by diordoyoung
❝ New Year, New me I guess.. ❞ - Jimin is a model who goes to high school, he is a really popular kid but likes his own space, Jimin is a very anti relationship guy. Nev...
Scientific terms  (Yoonmin) [COMPLETED] by yoonminislife11
Scientific terms (Yoonmin) [COMPL...by ❤
Jimin accidently ends up texting a science major instead of his best friend. Jimin: Tae! TaeTae🐯💜: Who's this? Jimin: Tae, stop playing dumb. It's me, Jimin. TaeTae🐯�...
Chosen (Yoonmin) *Completed* by RosetheK
Chosen (Yoonmin) *Completed*by RosetheK
Jimin has a normal life with his mother til mysterious people appear in his life. Everything beings to unfold and Jimin realizes how important he really is.
Little Brat || yoonmin by ChibiKittie
Little Brat || yoonminby ♡• Kat •♡
"Yoongi, stop being a rude little brat before you get spanked!" Jimin warned. "Go pank yourself!" Yoongi yelled, before throwing a toy car at his car...