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A trip to the past: Katekyo Hitman Reborn by TunaPlatina
A trip to the past: Katekyo Kielnode
Tsuna, Enma, Byakuran, Xanxus, Dino and Yuni gets send back to the past because of a certain lightning guardian. They arrive in Primo's time and meet an enemy that was f...
空を飛べたい  (Sora wo tobetai) by sayukeito11
空を飛べたい (Sora wo tobetai)by Sayu Ukino
A girl was attempting to do suicide but was stopped with someone who she didn't expect. My first fic. Might contain grammar errors.
Fantasy Within KHR [ Book One ] by Phantaysha
Fantasy Within KHR [ Book One ]by D .Montique
Sawada Tsunayoshi hides his true self beneath a mask after he was almost killed by his parents and younger brother , becoming Cielo an ice cold prince. He then attended...
Cloud AU's by AzureSorceress
Cloud AU'sby AzureSorceress
Stories of how the Arcobaleno learn more than they thought they needed to know about their Weakest/ Lackey and Cloud Skull. (May focus around other KHR characters too.) ...
Fantasy Within KHR [ Book Two ] by Phantaysha
Fantasy Within KHR [ Book Two ]by D .Montique
Sawada Tsunayoshi hides his true self beneath a mask after he was almost killed by his parents and younger brother , becoming Cielo an ice cold prince. He then attended...
Sky Arcobaleno ♤ by murasaki_violet
Sky Arcobaleno ♤by Miye
The Sky Pacifier had been passed down to another person; instead of a short-life curse, it became an enternal one. Passed down to Sawada Tsunayoshi, age of sixteen, she...
Jigsaw | KHR by myuktea_
Jigsaw | KHRby 『ოყט』
It wasn't exactly his plan to be abandoned, twice in fact, in a span of less than a decade. And neither did he expect the difficulty of finding pieces of the jigsaw puzz...
ATEEZ Reaction /MGL by Tiny_venus
ATEEZ Reaction /MGLby Tiny_venus
ATINY нартаа ~QR~
réserver [KHR] by HelenaVWG
réserver [KHR]by 『неιеηа』
In hope to prevent the world's destruction, the three skies wished. Answering to the wish, time rewinds and everything resetted. However, keep in mind. A wish is granted...
Our Little Night Sky. [KHR FANFIC] by maogalaxy
Our Little Night Sky. [KHR FANFIC]by Pleasurable_EGO
At early age Tsunayoshi already know how cruel the world is. He was an experimented child of Estraneo famiglia, One of the most Important Experiment #2.7 Orange. But he...
Re:born by Nikkocham
Re:bornby Kojima Chan
you can't predict what will happen in the future that's for sure .... you don't know when you'll take your last breath .... you don't know what awaits after your death...
NIKKE: The Grim Reaper by RogueShadow77
NIKKE: The Grim Reaperby RogueShadow77
Just started playing the other day and remembered BlazBlue...... so yeah. A new commander is forced to take action after a botched cargo operation. Things just couldn't...
The Trinisette Heirs (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) by BlackEtherious
The Trinisette Heirs (Katekyo Kanai
A Katekyo Hitman Story that mainly features Tsuna, Byakuran and Yuni. A small change can set huge events in motion. A father's thoughts can influence one son and isolate...
Lackey's Little Secret (KHR X Danny Phantom) 《The Re-write Is Up!》 by Skoteino_fos1106
Lackey's Little Secret (KHR X Juniper W. Darklight
Who would've knows that Skull has so many secrets. What will happen when each of his secret started to reveal. How will this effect him and his friends. ...
Promise (KHR FANFIC) by Hoseki13
Promise (KHR FANFIC)by Hoseki13
"It hurts when you see people leave. But it hurts more remembering they promised that they will not leave you." I DO NOT OWN KHR. KHR4LIFE~♡
Izuku Midoryia Vongola Undecimo by Silent139
Izuku Midoryia Vongola Undecimoby Fear
Before Izuku leaves school he meets a baby wearing a suit and has a chameleon on his hat the baby then says that he is the 11th Vongola mafia boss. I do not own my hero...
Sasuke's Twin by animeotaku7739
Sasuke's Twinby animeotaku7739
My name is Yuni Uchiha and I am Sasuke's twin sister. We have been together since birth and are still together now. Even though big brother Itachi Onii-san massacred our...
A Class Trip To Itay!! by shrutimishra500
A Class Trip To Itay!!by shrutimishra500
When tsuna started getting bullied and after the breakdown in front of reborn. Reborn had decided to teach tsuna class of harming tsuna. The guardians, Simon, millifiore...
Aeonian (KHR Fanfiction) [HEAVY EDITING] by pakupocky
Aeonian (KHR Fanfiction) [HEAVY pakupocky
What do you do when you get pulled into mafia battles? I didn't know that the time, but now I know how I feel. Disclaimer: Photo cover does not belong to me and all oth...
No Sugar! (KHR FANFIC) by Hoseki13
No Sugar! (KHR FANFIC)by Hoseki13
There's a rule set up for the Tri-ni-sette's Sky. Do NOT give them too much SUGAR. Or face the consequences. KHR IS NOT MINE