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Life Changes in Many Ways (YYH S1) (B1) by Athena_2019
Life Changes in Many Ways (YYH S1)...by Ashton
Skyleiann Urameshi thought that her life was good, until the day her brother "died". After losing her brother, getting him back, and training with him, Skyleia...
Tear In My Heart (Kuruma; Yu Yu Hakusho)  by Busy_Sleeper
Tear In My Heart (Kuruma; Yu Yu Ha...by Busy_Sleeper
Urameshi Ume, cousin to our main boy Yusuke, age 14 and bit of a ditz. Cute as a button but mess with her loved one and scary dog energy is sure to come your way. Can sh...
Healing A Hollow Heart by Codexa_Reynard
Healing A Hollow Heartby Roxanne Reinard
On-going Revisions!!! After re-reading through this story several times, I decided it needed a little makeover. From grammar to story line there will be changes. You hav...
A different kind of Rose (Kurama x OC) by InariKiri
A different kind of Rose (Kurama x...by InariKiri
Rosa is a spirit detective just doing her job, but what will she do when she finds out about a schoolmate's secret? Will she turn her back on their newfound friendship a...
limerence ; kurama  by chifuyuverse
limerence ; kurama by mariah
"he is no good for her, she thinks. not until she let her heart be stolen by a coldhearted thief." a story wherein a girl chose the treacherous path just for t...
The Dark Hero [My Hero Academia X Male Reader] by NejireHado_supremacy
The Dark Hero [My Hero Academia X...by ordinary_dude👍
Ofc I watch old animes,so basically your Hiei L/n your a person who has dark power ⚠️Cringe Warning⚠️
The Fox Child by yuukicross790
The Fox Childby Yuuki Cross
A 4-year-old girl falls victim to child abuse. As she tries to escape her father, she falls into a portal, sending her into the arms of the Urameshi crew! Can they help...
My Fox Friend by InkyFics
My Fox Friendby Mind Diary
A Youko Kurama/Shuichi Minamino Story
Anime One Shots!! by Scarlett_011
Anime One Shots!!by Mayumi
Requests are open~! For animes, mangas, etc. that I am unfamiliar with, I will take my time writing them because of research so that I can capture the character's person...
Forlorn Labyrinth by jaganshing
Forlorn Labyrinthby jaganshing
Disclaimer: This is a crossover fan fiction that involves Yu Yu Hakusho and Inuyasha. The characters belong to their respective owners: Yoshihiro Togashi and Rumiko Taka...
Kurama x Reader Oneshots & Drabbles by Sekata
Kurama x Reader Oneshots & Drabblesby Minako
Hello there, here I will post my drabbles and stuff for Kurama, the sweet fox. Some will contain Adult content (lemon and lime), so you will be warned. The biggest warni...
Kurama x Reader Oneshots And Headcanons by _KayleeLovesMusic_
Kurama x Reader Oneshots And Headc...by 🖤Kaylee🖤
I love Yu Yu Hakusho (it's actually my 2nd favorite anime) and Kurama is literally my Husbando so I decided why not make some OneShots and Headcanons? Y/n - Your Name L...
My Wandering Shadow ::HieiJaganshi | YuYuHakusho:: by takara1991
My Wandering Shadow ::HieiJaganshi...by takara1991
Shadow Demon Ryuka was usually pretty patient with her boss Koenma's orders, but there was just one thing she would never budge on... NO MORE SPIRIT DETECTIVES. Not afte...
[YYH IMAGINE] Sick by baconswims
[YYH IMAGINE] Sickby 뱁새
Imagine this: You and your team, Team Urameshi, have just completed a round in the Dark Tournament. Though, instead of celebrating, you are in your hotel room, laying in...
Kiss from a Rose by seakid09
Kiss from a Roseby seakid09
Ayaka is a demon foundling raised by Master Genkai in the human world. After meeting our YYH gang, it seems like there is more to her identity than what she already know...
Kurama's Spring Flower by Eternal-star
Kurama's Spring Flowerby Eternal-star
Yoko Kurama was believed to be a fox that would never settle down and remain a cold hearted thief all because he never got to know what love is. However, this all change...
Yu Yu Hakusho Freetakes by Creepyfangurl666
Yu Yu Hakusho Freetakesby 魂 Studios
this is my new yyh book (requests are open for NSFW and sfw I am also doing the girls)
Broken Mirror (Hiei x OC) by Kalsypher
Broken Mirror (Hiei x OC)by Kalsypher
When escaping to the Human World, Kurama settled into an unborn baby. Little did the fox demon know, there was another baby, a sister. Pippa Minamino came into the world...
Anime Tournament of Power (ATOP) by XzaviorWilliams
Anime Tournament of Power (ATOP)by “Longevity Chaser”
You remember the Tournament of Power from the anime hit series Dragon Ball Super right? Well imagine that but instead of different universes participating its going to b...
I Tripped And Gained Magic Skills In A New World  by Momma1982
I Tripped And Gained Magic Skills...by Momma1982
An, ordinary woman tripped and stood up in another world , gaining powers as she travels along with her new friends ,and love will inevitably happen on their adventur...