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My neighbor is a demon! (Hiei x OC) by InariKiri
My neighbor is a demon! (Hiei x OC)by InariKiri
Ever wondered what Hiei was up to during his stay in the human world? How he was able to survive after finding himself stuck in a world where he'd rather not be and know...
Kurama's Spring Flower by Eternal-star
Kurama's Spring Flowerby Eternal-star
Yoko Kurama was believed to be a fox that would never settle down and remain a cold hearted thief all because he never got to know what love is. However, this all change...
Yu Yu hakusho fanfic by potato_jade
Yu Yu hakusho fanficby jade
Mei is a hybrid demon. She has the blood of a fire apparition and ice apparition . She is also the elder sister of hiei and yukina. This is the story of how she ventures...
Demon Queen|| Hiei by mfshortasslol
Demon Queen|| Hieiby Kura
"This was forced. Don't expect me to go easy on you idiots." (Y/n) is the twin of Yusuke Urameshi. She is almost the opposite of her brother. Key word: almost...
A different kind of Rose (Kurama x OC) by InariKiri
A different kind of Rose (Kurama x...by InariKiri
Rosa is a spirit detective just doing her job, but what will she do when she finds out about a schoolmate's secret? Will she turn her back on their newfound friendship a...
Kurama's Keeper by Chocochibi
Kurama's Keeperby choco_late~
We made a promise to each other. I intend to hold mine till the end of my life. That's how much I love him. The name came about because of the things I helped him to ke...
I don't know you anymore! - Married Kurama short story by InariKiri
I don't know you anymore! - Marrie...by InariKiri
She knows Shuichi Minamino, but not Kurama. Short story I don't own Kurama, but if I did, I'd put him on a leash and never let him go.
Confined To Your World by Jessabella-hime
Confined To Your Worldby Jessabella-hime
When Sakyo decides to test his Portal device to see if it works, he ends up opening a portal between different dimensions and brings a girl into their world. But this gi...
Yu Yu Hakusho Parenthood Scenarios by Hilla899
Yu Yu Hakusho Parenthood Scenariosby Hilla899
Sequel to my first Boyfriend scenarios 'Yu Yu Hakusho Boyfriend Scenarios'. If you haven't read it already, please do! Sorry there's no Kuwabara. Hope you Enjoy! PLEASE...
R E A S O N || Kurama Fanfic by kitsumirae
R E A S O N || Kurama Fanficby 🦊 M i R a e B🌹
"I have no reason to live." "Then, let me be your reason to live." That's what he told me when I was on the edge of the cliff to end my life. [NOTE :...
Living beyond life (Kurama x OC) by InariKiri
Living beyond life (Kurama x OC)by InariKiri
There is more between life and death. This grey area is where May operates, has been for a long time. She knows what she's doing, well, at least she used to. When a dem...
|| A Bouquet of Red and White Roses || [Yu Yu Hakusho Fan-fic] {Edits} by mayonaka_dragonfly
|| A Bouquet of Red and White Rose...by Shinjui-chan ♪
♡Fan-Fiction of Mainly Kurama of Yu Yu Hakusho♡ ----------------------------------------------------------------------- "I'd rather regret the things I've done...
The Perplexing Female by Hikaru_Kaoru
The Perplexing Femaleby Kiren
Kiren isn't your normal every day girl. Find out what happens when the gang meets up with her and what happens afterwards. (Yu Yu Hakusho Fanfic)
Kurama X reader: Valentines day. by DevilishGal
Kurama X reader: Valentines day.by Devilishgal
Will you be able to confess your true feelings to kurama and be his date for Valentine's day when there's a lot of girls trying to win his heart as well? read and find...
Kurama's Date : (COMPLETED) Kurama X Reader by bloodyredrain
Kurama's Date : (COMPLETED) Kurama...by bloodyredrain
Valentines day special but feel free to read it anytime! Just a short story for Kurama fans who always wonder how it feels for an ordinary girl to spend hearts day with...
The Target (Yu Yu Hakusho Fanfic) by norsegoderino
The Target (Yu Yu Hakusho Fanfic)by norsegoderino
"Perhaps life can be a little more satisfying, if you were always on the edge of it like me." ( xmale reader fanfic) (Picture doesn't belong to me)
Kurama X reader: pocky game by DevilishGal
Kurama X reader: pocky gameby Devilishgal
what will happen when you and your childhood friend kurama played a pocky game? will this game open up a next level of relationship or will it ruined the closeness you...
💓Yu Yu Hakusho One- Shots💓 by neko_phantomhive
💓Yu Yu Hakusho One- Shots💓by Neko Ellyzabeth Phantomhive
Hiiiii!!!! This book consists of one- shots between Reader x Yu Yu Hakusho Character or OC x Yu Yu Hakusho Character. Please enjoy my book of Yu Yu Hakusho One- Shots! T...
Yu Yu Hakusho One Shots: Yusuke by Hilla899
Yu Yu Hakusho One Shots: Yusukeby Hilla899
So, if you've read my Yu Yu Hakusho Boyfriend Scenarios book than a lot of the content in this book will sound familiar to you. Basically all I've done is expanded on a...