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Her Boyfriend, My Husband by RaaziWriter40
Her Boyfriend, My Husbandby Razia X.
The lives of Maryam, Yusuf, Zainab and Abdallah. How are they connected? Read to find out! * #1 in Arewa #1 in Muslim #1 in Maryam #1 in Zainab #1 in Yusuf #1 Abdalla...
Lovable Zainab by Aishaorahachi
Lovable Zainabby Orahachi
Zainab was always dumb and crazy. She never planned on getting married or even falling in love. What happens when she absentmindedly accept a marriage proposal from the...
calm before the storm ✔️ by glimmer_Ink
calm before the storm ✔️by zynab aleeyu
Calm before the storm can't say much. One problem after the other Hermana a young girl faced with many trials in life yet she ached it all like a high school teenager...
Something Borrowed by KingMoha
Something Borrowedby Muhammad Abubakar
With time and patience, the leaf of the mulberry becomes satin. Zainab Galadima ran to her mother and gave her a prompt hug. She had received an email telling her she ha...
Dolunay by h1011206
Dolunayby PinkRose
Friet Aslan is a very successful businessman, and is extremely organized. He wants the same manner of organization in both his private and professional life. Nazli who i...
Zainab's Little Secret by Dizza99
Zainab's Little Secretby Edun Hadizah
"You are a nightmare dressed like a daydream Mohammed,I wish you never existed in my life,if only marriage wasn't a compulsion" She had her perfect match but h...
One Direction: One Shots by penguinsandpandas
One Direction: One Shotsby Veronica Sienna Leighton
One Shots about the five beautiful boys of One Direction. Please vote and comment. *visit our profile for personalized One Shots*
Only Love Can Hurt Like This || J.J.K by Best_frind_2
Only Love Can Hurt Like This || 𝑻𝒆𝒃𝒂
"ها قد مرّ أسبوع و أنا بين هذه الجدران الأربع " "و هذا الحُلم كل يوم يُعاد عليّ من شدة تعلقي بذلك اليوم" أغمضت مُقلتاي بـتعبٍ لتخطو على ذكراي تلك ال...
Are We Soo Young For This? by zirinefannumber1
Are We Soo Young For This?by zirinefannumber1
Is Sooyoung finally going to get her hands on what she's wanted for so long? Or will Javaria come in her way, causing her to take desperate actions she doesn't want to t...
Love Is The Beauty of The Soul[Islamic true story] by Muslimondeen
Love Is The Beauty of The Soul[ Muslimondeen
Love, love, love....something that everyone probably experienced. If It wasn't for this beautiful concept ,would the Universe ever existed? When we think of this normall...
unexpected  love by fictionaddict1
unexpected loveby Husna
A love story of a Muslim girl, Zainab. cover by becauseiloveu00
This is the Land(DISCONTINUED) by Wanderchaste
This is the Land(DISCONTINUED)by Wanderchaste
It is the promise of the creator of the heavens and the Earth that the people of this world will establish a symbol on your father's grave, He will preserve this symbol...
Into the Jungle by MJMSTUDIOS
Into the Jungleby MJMSTUDIOS
Mahmoud lives in a family with many siblings. Unlike his family, he is different and does not have superpowers. But as the family goes on vacation, the airplane crashes...