Hey guys,

Sorry, but my old account was having some problems so I am currently discontinuing some old storys on there so please unvote now and unfollow please.

Old account @StudioCharlez

Some notes you should know:

If you don't like furryxhuman stories, malexmale stories, or any stories I make. Then I suggest don't read them.

If I rate something mature. Content in the stories might make people feel uncomfortable. And I do not mean to make anyone feel offended in any way. Also, inappropriate language, moments, and many more content can be expected in the stories.

I am not that great or the best at writing

So plez don't judge


I don't reply to messages

But I do reply to Comments and Conversations

All photos and videos are not mine and all go to their rightful owners. And I do not mean to depict how the real life peoples pictures live. I just do this because I want you all to know what the characters look like.

And no, I do not mean to make you think that events and names are real. They are all just pure coincidence.

And also I am not sponsoring anything in my stories

That's all folks

Follow,Read,Vote,Comment if you decide or want to.

Hope you all have a nice day


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