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Last Human in a Furry World by pikachukid2020
Last Human in a Furry Worldby pikachukid2020
Brian was ranked Corporal and served the military for most of his life and at the age of 16 vary interested in the samurai's and ninjas in Japan and went their for his v...
the prehistoric king by DiarcyWalker
the prehistoric kingby king the conquerer
This is a story of a young feline who was brought from his world where powerful predators roamed into the world of the lion king. later he becomes the most powerful sin...
Lin x Puro Oneshots (CHANGED Ship) by Scarlet-The-Fox
Lin x Puro Oneshots (CHANGED Ship)by Mason
Yey :D My first Oneshots book! Sorry if its terrible... I doubt many people will read this since they will know the Steam game CHANGED by Snowdragon.
The Singing Tree (mute!male reader x female!anthro eeveelutions) by G4meM4ster
The Singing Tree (mute!male GM44
(y/n) (l/n) is a boy who always dreamed of singing. However, after being tortured by some no good thugs, he became a mute, since his vocal cords were damaged beyond repa...
The fallen mech soldier by TheLazyAlpha
The fallen mech soldierby TheLazyAlpha
Jason, a former mech soldier, has been asleep for hundreds of years. When he wakes, things aren't the same as they were when he was last awake. Struggling to adapt to t...
40 Days at Sea with You by LSSJBBroly
40 Days at Sea with Youby Reygan Briggs
A story written by @Heavenlysoul2001. I only took the first 4 chapters and tweaked them. I'll try my best to get the story out to you. "what do you do when the sky...
Immortal Thorn in The Foundation's *ss by foxalpha092099
Immortal Thorn in The Foundation' foxalpha09 2099
An SCP fanfic about my fan made SCP. SCP 20,000. This is is his story.
Lith(Gay Furry Sex Fantasy) by Lustdillip
Lith(Gay Furry Sex Fantasy)by LUST DILLIP
I wake up in a white void but not completely alone. A friendly cat stays by my side. This story is based off of the game "My Own Little Lith", I do not take cr...
He Changed My Life by DexusDavisfur
He Changed My Lifeby Dexus
A high school romance with a dash of magic. What seems to be a simple love story between a wolf and a fox turns into something far more serious. Something which threaten...
Escape The Apocalypse (Human Reader x Furry Female Harem) by DireLaxion
Escape The Apocalypse (Human Dire
In a world full of zombies and mutated zombies Y/N and his companions goes through the depths of hell. Will they survive?
I will (Furry Boyxboy) by Julbernese
I will (Furry Boyxboy)by Julbernese
Han is an Australian Shepherd and the only dog in a tigers family; Adyson, his foster mother and Nathaly, his foster sister. He struggles with his hard past and bad repu...
19 Days Till Heaven by 1_Sleevee_1
19 Days Till Heavenby Shuldvran
Follow the story of Good Folk Settlement through the point of view of Splint, a 19 year old militia fighter who is determined to protect the people of Good Folk from the...
[OLD] Star Crossed [Star Fox fanfic] by zyxowl
[OLD] Star Crossed [Star Fox ℤ𝕪𝕩𝕠𝕨𝕝 🦉🏳️‍🌈
[New fanfic intended to be written, TBA] In war, love blossoms best. ~ #1 in starfox [11.19.20] ~ Ace pilot Fox McCloud, like his late father, is Corneria's shining gem...
Party Time! (Vore) by KingofTerrablade
Party Time! (Vore)by KingofTerrablade
You had recently graduated High School, and were planning to just to take rest of the week slowly, when you are unexpectantly invited to an "end-of-school party&quo...
Roaming Storm by uerechuku18
Roaming Stormby Uchenna Erechukwu
Roaming Storm serves as an homage/parody of the multimedia franchise Sonic the Hedgehog. As such, it's set on an Earth dominated by humanoid animals of all sorts (sorry...
Protective Instincts (Male Reader X Incineroar) by BadLifeCh0ices
Protective Instincts (Male Regretti Spaghetti
It's well known that the bond between trainer and Pokémon is strong but what happens when fear takes over and primal instincts kick in?
Under Northern Skies [furry high school drama] by zyxowl
Under Northern Skies [furry high ℤ𝕪𝕩𝕠𝕨𝕝 🦉🏳️‍🌈
A furry, queer high school story unlike the typical. • Kayden the goat, left his whole life behind with his family's move. Now he's north of nowhere, stuck there for at...
{Wild world} Hunter x male reader by shatterdglass57
{Wild world} Hunter x male readerby shatterdglass57
It's 2019 and you wake up in a weird furry world is this a dream come true a nightmare welp better read it duh! This is an oc x reader book why because...well why not...
my Art Book !! <3 by WinnieCub
my Art Book !! <3by Jeremy
thought it would be fun to make a new art book, i used to have one on my old account but since i switched over to this one i forgot about all of that :) HAPPY TO DO IT A...
Hidden Hearts by Half_Az
Hidden Heartsby Az
Welcome to Winterwake College! A college meant for anyone but in reality, funded by the rich for their kids to further their studies away from the common folk. Though it...