"What's your name?"

My name's Anka, but you can call me Anči or Anchi for short!

"What are your pronouns?"

I'm female, but I go by she/they!

"What about your sexuality?"

Pansexual <3

"What do you use Wattpad for?"

I downloaded it to write, but I mostly write crackfics now. And I now mostly use Wattpad to socialize with people.

"Do you have any friends on this app?"

Yes! @Geared_Up_Goat (Aka Oreo) is my Watytpady bestie, @caramel_bliss_09 @xx_Luna_ @kitkat-moon @justanuglycreature @niyniyys @Thelovemaria_17 are also cool people so check them out! @Kittypisi too

"Fandoms you're in?"

Currently in my Hazbin Hotel obsession. I also like Helluva boss, and I'm a BIG fan of Harry Potter!


I have absolute hearing, so I sing well. I can also play the guitar (Not that good, though). I also really like to draw!

"Are you in any groups?"

A Viber channel named Potterheads.

"Any inside jokes on this profile I should know about?"

There are absolutely no rules on this profile. This profile is literally just my imagination. It's called The Freak's logic, so, next time you see something that doesn't make sense, remember- It's just The Freak's logic doing its job!

"Why is your name Kimchi?"

In the memory of Dina, a Potterhead who left the group (We still chat, but she still left). She nicknamed me that!

"Favorite songs?"

I grew up on rock, mostly from the 80s and 90s. My favorite song from there is probably "Don't stop me now" by Queen. From the newer songs and singers. I like "Flowers" and "Midnight sky" by Miley Cyrus and "Edge of seventeen" by Stevie Nicks. Don't forget "Edge of midnight", which is a mix of the previous two! Also, I absolutely love all Hazbin songs. Like, no joke, it's the only shit I listen to.
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