Status and Abilities 

Tier: 0
Name: Dredigan Superbia
Nickname: Dred, The Denyer, The board God, The one true boundless one
Origins: Indie Vtuber
Sex: Male (is actually genderless but female form yet to be seen)
Age: Before creation (more then likely way older)
Classification: The origin, The end, Supreme Primordial Deity

Strength: Beyond boundless+

Speed: Beyond Boundless+

Durability: Beyond Boundless+

Stamina: Beyond Boundless+

Intelligence: Boundless+

Dimensional: Beyond Boundless+

ABILITIES: ??? (Majority of Dredigan's abilities are yet to be confirmed and only one that have been confirmed will be listed)

Absolute Boundless authority: Can permanently take away any beings boundless abilities or anything or anything that may be similar to that

Absolute Tier Acceleration:Can Rank up anything's tier from as low as Tier 10, it does not matter how Low their tier is they can be tier 10-C with this ability then can be ranked up to tier-0 and the standard stats of a tier 0 will be applied

Absolute Tier Deceleration: Can Rank down anything's tier from as high as tier-0 it doesn't not matter how high their tier is they can be tier 0 and this ability will rank down to tier 10-c and the standard stats of a tier 10-c will be applied

"Practically nothing is known about Dredigan Superbia other then he is a tier 0 among tier 0, The power at his disposal is beyond any kind of understanding, an example is he can permanently erase other tier 0 such as Auren ( The Absolute ), The Weaver (World of Darkness), Azathoth (Cthulhu Mythos) if he wishes, Through research a conclusion has been made that he has done this multiple times and has brought them back from the dead but are noticeably slightly different from the previous one, it is concluded Dredigan Superbia can destroy beings at such a level there original concept can no longer exist and must be changed to exist"

"Dredigan Superbia true body is above the author and is not affected by Fiction"
  • Depths of the outer Boundless void
  • JoinedNovember 17, 2022

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