Yo names DragonGodAstaroth and I'm a huge Highschool DxD fan, I love to write and read DxD fanfics because I considered it a nexus universe in which you can essentially more or less put any anime/video game character into that world as long as it makes sense, making it have lots of crossover potential. All of my fanfics are going to be Issei based fanfics because I'm going to be real and that I'm sick and tired of DxD Oc/Mc stories mostly because there's literally thousands of them and not enough Issei Mc stories. I just hate how the majority of those stories turn Issei to like a second Riser or a piece of crap just because, oh because he's a pervert or he overused like Rias & etc. it's boring to just focus on Issei?
Like come on man have none of you paid any attention to the Manga, or better yet read the light novels? It's literally like reading a fanfic except it's cannon.
there's more to Issei than him being a pervert. That's my goal for my fanfics to help you show everyone the good aspects of Issei, to show what's actually behind the almost practically fake persona which is his perverted nature and show you who Issei Hyoudou really is.
Also I do not have an actual upload schedule since I do have a life and shit happens so don't expect an exact date when the chapters will be posted so I'll only post them when I can.
Finally I have mainly two rules to when it comes commenting on my stories and that is do not be commenting me of when my chapter will be uploaded, especially when I just posted one. I do this as a hobby not as a job, I don't get paid for this! So when you guys comment on when the next chapter is going to be it makes me not feel rushed or you think I work in a writing typing my ass away 24/7 so please stop. Also do not comment/message me to add people/girls into the harems just...just don't.
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DragongodAstaroth DragongodAstaroth Mar 07, 2024 09:13AM
Alright, as you guys know, I'm currently redoing my old stories, as you can tell from the return of the dragon slayer, freezing dragon, silver dragon of hope, etc. But I feel I need to say something...
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