I need only three things in life- books, books and books.📚📚

- Leo Tolstoy

Well, that describes me in a sentence.

Intros are awkward but here goes a terrible effort at one>>

Hiya, I'm Tukki. Just another wanderer here. A proud Muslimah. An awful introvert.

Things I like:
•My bed!
•Realistic fictions
•Murder mysteries
•Kdramas, anime, webtoons.
•Brainiac stuff (Yep, I'm a Ravenclaw)
•Spicy food

I'm also a Dream Catcher for @DreamlandCommunity Need a book read? A cover made? Help with writing? A fun writer-reader community to chill out in? Dreamland is ever ready to help you. Feel free to head over to our community page and check out our bookclubs.

I don't do follow for follow nor vote for vote.

KHUN SUPREMACY!!! Peace out 🤘
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