I like to read, I also like to call people TwatWaffles. The definition of a TwatWaffle is someone that has a face like a shrivelled up vagina, A person who's behavior warrants them being described of a loose dangly vagina with warm leathery lips, and slight seepage that has crusted up giving it the smell of a blue room on a muggy July afternoon in Georgia, A poor excuse of a woman with vagina that is so shriveled up that it looks like a defrosted waffle yet the owner of this vagina still believes she is panda vagina status. Twatwaffling requires the loose labia typically found on older women or ones who have given birth vaginally. The act of twatwaffling requires the waffler to straddle the face of the wafflee, and thrust about in such a way that the wafflee gets slapped by the dangling bits of female flesh. If I call you a TwatWaffle, you deserved it, and you should be offended. (So I have been asked by several people if they can use my bio because they love it, and my response is of course!! As long as you credit me at the end then why not!? And make sure to let me know when you use it so I can check it out!!❤️ Also, if you DON'T like my twatwaffle joke and bio, I simply don't give a fûck. Because only 3 people so far have had an issue with it and the majority of people love it. So it's staying)
  • On my bed smiling and kicking my feet while reading about a big tough bad boy crying over his innocent girlfriend with a soft personality breaking up with him
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