Human Name: Egil Steilsson/Loki Bondevik

Age Appearance: Now 5/20

Personality: He is cheerful and optimistic, but also a bit arrogant. He likes to be friendly with people, and refuses to be a downer. He can be goofy, silly and either very naive or very clueless. It is also said he can be very creepy, but he doesn't mean it. He often is calling Loki Big Brother, and says that it's his way to show how much he loves and cares about them. He is very happy that he is Loki's younger Brother often he shows this in the form of constant praise. He also speaks well and enjoys a more civilized life. He has an odd obsession with chocolate, unlike his counterpart who likes licorice. He was alluded to have Borderline Personality Disorder, although this was never confirmed, he shows many symptoms of the disorder from mood swings, idealization and self-harm. He was confirmed to have depression, anxiety and complex PTSD.

2P Norway is portrayed as being obsessed with warmth and fire. It is shown he can be a bit more talkative than his 1P counterpart but is still considered quieter and often displays a slew of emotions. Although he may act like the nicer one, he is not very sympathetic and tends to want to get what he wants.He is very outgoing and it is rare to see him shy around others. He can be very childish in his actions, most of the attention seeking. 2P Norway is a pyromaniac so one of his main interests is fire and setting anything in flames. Often this comes at the expense of his and others health. He is often banned from the kitchen for setting spatulas alight on the stove. He is known for lighting the Olympic torch with his flamethrower, it was awe inspiring. It is also said that he also knows magic and uses it to burn his victims. He has a range of moods. He can swing from love to anger, to sadness, to psychotic happiness. Unlike his 1P, 2P Norway doesn't care much for 2P Iceland. 2P Iceland cares a lot for him, however.

Sexuality: Demisexual Panromatic/Firesexual
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