Hello! I posted a chapter to Human She Was! Please look at it and tell me what you think! 


Even though parts in every book are missing. I do love your books. Take all the time you need to get better.  I know it’s been a few years. But maybe try updating once a month and not over pressure yourself to be in compliance with other writers. You are you and you are an amazing writer.  Please always believe in yourself as a creator, and artist of the wattpad club ;) 


I liked your writing but you left out some important areas of your book with the blind chick. Like what happened to the stepdad the rapist Ramon, the slut Quinn. If you saved that for your second book then in my opinion I won’t bother reading it. To much missing parts to your book. 


Hi! I just wanted to say I hope you are doing better! Whatever is going on and however you feel we support you! You’re stories especially the Human She Was series is literally one of the most creative and unique story I’ve ever read on Wattpad. That’s after me having this as a 9 year old to me now as a 20 year old. So thank you for sharing that with us. Hopefully when you are ready it will continue to flourish like you :)


I am crying right now!! I am one of your new reader. I love your book so much! 'the human she was' is beautiful and I hope soon you will find your inspiration to right again and to finish what you started it. I lot of people even me is waiting for you to come back. And I will be the one of the people who will be very happy when you come back. But for now I hope you are doing good and be safe always.
          Your new reader