"Wait, why are we all making quotes again?" -MelonLegs

Welcome to the official Wattpad account of MelonLegs (And sometimes LemonEggs), where it is our belief that a story without suffering and character development is not worthy of being called a story in the first place.

For, within the depths of despair does the light of hope shine the brightest. And it is this very same hope that allows one such as you or I to better ourselves as a human being.

If a book isn't capable of driving those sentiments and ideas home, it's time for a serious reconsideration.

But, regardless, before you delve deep into the catalogue of my works at your disposal, understand this.

We are not friends. Therefore, the readers will never be able to influence the actions I take, whether you like that or not.

So, with further to do, happy reading!

-Completed Books: None

-Ongoing Books:
1. Devil's Adherent (Female!Levi X Male!Reader)
2. Unspoken Rage (Demon Slayer X Mute!Male!Reader)

-Future Books:
1. Blooming Lotus (Female!Shoto-Todoroki X Male!Reader) (My Hero Academia)
2. What is Love? (Ai-Hayasaka X Male!Reader) (Love Is War)
3. Dying Star (Kana-Arima X Male!Reader) (Oshi No Ko)

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/J7HPKSNQxq
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Unspoken Rage (Demon Slayer X Male!Reader) by MelonLegs
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"Now, I'll be the first to admit that, in my line of work, I most certainly was not the best. But as muc...